Chelsea Handler’s $3000 Anti-Aging Remedy: Will It Make You Look 5-10 Years Younger?

Chelsea Handler looks like a different person in her latest Instagram pic, and it's due to her ProFractional laser treatment. EXCLUSIVELY learned that the procedure can take away wrinkles and dark spots! BUT, could it really take years off your complexion? Check out Chelsea's photo and find out if it's all worth it!

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Chelsea Handler Anti Aging Treatment
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Chelsea Handler, 41, is notorious for dropping outspoken lines, but she’s especially known to take risks. While most people may try anti-aging remedies, like moisturizer and sunblock, she went with the bolder choice — A ProFractional laser treatment! Chelsea looks fresh, flawless and YEARS younger in her new snap, and we learned that the treatment is SO worth it! EXCLUSIVELY spoke with celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Bruce Katz who told us, the resurfacing laser “easily takes 5-10 years off” your face! Yes, you read that right!

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First of all, he told us the miracle remedy is actually called a fractional treatment — ProFractional is just the name of the laser’s specific company. “The laser actually drills microscopic holes in the skin, so it takes away the damaged collagen, so new, fresh collagen could come in,” Dr. Katz said. “It takes away wrinkles, tightens pores, treats acne scars, smooths out blotchy pigmentation, and the nice thing about is, there’s not much downtime.” And, by not much, he meant just a “little redness and puffiness for some patients, for a day or two.” WOW! He eased our minds when he told us, “You can certainly cover it up with make-up right after having the treatment.” SO convenient!

As for how many treatments you need before you can see amazing results — “It depends how extensive the changes are,” he said. “If a person has really deep wrinkles, it will be 5-6 treatments. If there is a little pigment or a little acne scarring they will need 3-4.” Three sessions with a dermatologist, who is very good at their craft, should do the trick. So, Chelsea could have dropped a whopping $3,000 for her fresh face! By the looks of her Instagram photo, her face and neck went under the laser, which Dr. Katz told us, could’ve cost her anywhere between $1000-$1800 per session! However, an individual’s desire to change more minor wrinkles, or spots could run them $500-$1000. “It depends whether you’re doing someone’s whole face, or just their cheeks.” So guys, surface area does matter…

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Dr. Katz, who revealed he uses the laser “every day,” gave us complete reassurance that the fractional remedy is an all around great option. “It’s completely safe,” he dished, “as long as the doctor has experience using lasers.” And, if Chelsea’s results didn’t sway you enough to give it a try, Dr. Katz told us plenty of A-listers have done it! He’s treated celebs, TV anchors, actresses, actors sports figures, and even Aviva Drescher, 46, from Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of New York City, and she “loved” it!

We also spoke with Adam Schaffner, M.D. and director of plastic surgery at the Institute of New York. He told us that although the incredible results do repair wrinkles and lines, among other things, it does not stop the aging process completely. “There is maintenance and upkeep,” he said. “This is an anti-aging type of technology, so it tries to reverse the signs of aging. It does not stop the aging process, but it does slow it down.”

After speaking with these seasoned professionals, we’ve learned that Chelsea’s fractional anti-aging laser treatment is SO worth it! Not to mention, if there’s a safe and easy-healing way for us to look 5-10 years younger, sign us up! Chelsea has NEVER looked better!

Additional reporting from board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jessie Cheung, and plastic surgeon M.D., Andrew Miller.

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