‘Ben & Lauren’ Sneak Peek: Fight Breaks Out Seconds Before Live TV Special — Watch

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are just like every other couple -- they have some arguments! In a new sneak peek of 'Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?,' we see that right before they went live on the latest 'After the Final Rose' special, they got into it backstage! Watch.

We all saw Ben Higgins, 28, and Lauren Bushnell, 26, on JoJo Fletcher‘s live After the Final Rose special, looking absolutely adorable. However, only ten minutes before the live show, were backstage arguing! “Ready?,” Ben asked her backstage while they walked hand in hand backstage. “I mean I guess. I don’t have a choice, I feel like you just said, ‘Yes’ for both of us . . . but it’s fine,” she said. Ben, clearly caught off guard, answered, “You’re telling me this right now?”

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Off camera, she admitted she only agreed to doing it because Ben wanted to do it, but then told him she was “anxious” and just wished they were back in Denver, Colorado, hanging out at home. “Well now I feel bad for coming here. It’s obviously not fine. I want you to be excited and happy,” he told her, before adding that she could have told him earlier, not moments before they walked out on stage.

However, they were interrupted by the producers asking if they were ready — and he said yes, so out onto stage they went. Eek, that’s awkward. Clearly Lauren didn’t want to be there hanging out with JoJo, Ben’s ex who he once told he loved, which makes sense. But, she probably could have told him ahead of time. We also know that JoJo will appear on the upcoming season so that could get awkward too.

We recently chatted with the newly engaged pair who admitted that they’re actually going to couple’s counseling — and no, it has nothing to do with the show. “It is more so for us to set a really strong foundation before we start planning a date for the wedding,” Lauren told us. “We really want to make sure that we have a third party that can help us work through some of our issues and how to be better in communication. It has really been great for us and I am sure we will continue to do it even after we are married!”

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