Kim Kardashian’s Body Guard Missed Robbers By 2 Minutes- Where Was He?

How frightening! Kim Kardashian was without any security detail when gunman broke into her Paris hotel room and bound, gagged and robbed her. So where was her hulking bodyguard who is always by her side when the terrifying ordeal went down? Keep reading for how he just missed rescuing Kim by mere minutes!

So close! Kim Kardashian, 35, was in bed alone in her Paris hotel room at 2am when armed thugs broke in and put her through the terrifying robbery ordeal, which is shocking to think that gunmen were able to so easily access the unprotected star. It turns out her ever-present bodyguard Pascal Duvier wasn’t by her side but out on the town protecting her sisters Kourtney Kardashian, 37, and Kendall Jenner, 20, while they enjoyed the nightlife during Paris Fashion Week. Obviously being out in party scene would require more security than Kim, who was believed to be safely inside the confines of her hotel room, even though that turned out to be the most dangerous place for her!

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According to TMZ, Kim had a houseguest friend Simone staying in a downstairs bedroom who heard all the commotion going on while the reality star was being bound, gagged and robbed. She locked herself in a bathroom for safety and immediately called Pascal, who rushed back to Hotel Pourtales to check on Kim. He missed the robbers by a mere two minutes, as the site claims the whole terrifying robbery only took six minutes and the bad guys managed to barely get away in a nick of time.

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Pascal was famously there for Kim when irritating prankster Vitalii Sediuk, 27, attempted to kiss her behind Sept. 28 in a bizarre PFW stunt, tackling the menace to the ground before he could harm Kim. But the Hotel Pourtales where she was staying reportedly has little to no security and leaves it to their A-list clientele to provide their own protection. As PEOPLE reported, a former patron claims, “Security usually leaves once people are inside so that’s not unusual.” They added,  “No one is really on a standby contract over there,” so it may not have been on Pascal’s duty roster to guard Kim once she was inside. We bet that is going to change pronto in the wake of Kim’s nightmare attack.

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