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Shawty Lo’s Funeral Ends With His Hearse Driving To His Fave Strip Club — Watch

Well, this is one way to say goodbye. Shawty Lo's friends and family honored him on Sept. 30 by ending his funeral at his favorite strip club. The video of the hearse pulling up to the joint, with the group looking on in mourning, is weirdly touching. Check it out right after the jump.

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Shawty Lo Funeral Strip Club
Image Credit: Courtesy of Snapchat/Instagram

We’re betting Shawty Lo would have gotten a real kick out of seeing how his funeral ended, when the hearse carrying the late Atlanta rapper pulled up to his fave strip club following a memorial service on Sept. 30. Those closest to Shawty joined in the processional to The Blue Flame Lounge, and someone caught the whole thing on video.

In the clip you can see the hearse roll up, and a large group of mourners, patrons and onlookers honoring the recently deceased with a moment of silence filled with just the glow of the candles, and the lights from the strip club, of course. Shawty died a few weeks ago at the age of 40 when his 2016 Audi crashed into a tree. And just hours before he died he was sharing videos from the lounge.

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Now, choosing to drive a hearse to a location that was close to the deceased’s heart is not unusual at all. But, we have to admit, a strip club is probably not the most common choice. Though, if it was a place that Shawty loved and where he felt at home, then we say, why not! We wish all the best for his family and friends, and our hearts are with them as they go through this difficult time.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of how Shawty’s funeral ended? Was it too “out there” for you? Or do you think it was what he would have wanted. Let us know below!