Blac Chyna Blaming Herself For Rob Kardashian’s Feud With Kylie: She’s ‘Pushed Him Too Far’

Blac Chyna is being really hard on herself right now. She believes she's responsible for Rob Kardashian's feud with Kylie Jenner. is EXCLUSIVELY reporting that the expecting mother feels she may have pushed her fiance 'too far.' Find out more here!

Blac Chyna Blaming Herself Rob Kylie Feud
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The internet, and Kylie Jenner, 19, went cray cray when Rob Kardashian, 29, blasted his half-sister by putting her phone number on the internet after she’d made plans to have a baby shower for the couple’s unborn child, sans Blac Chyna, 28. But Chyna, may have been the catalyst. She feels that Rob’s on the verge of exploding after everything she’s put him through thus far. “Chyna doesn’t like it when Rob and his family are fighting,” a source close to the soon-to-be Angela Kardashian told

“She’s taking the blame for Rob’s actions. She feels she may have pushed Rob too far. The show, the magazine photo shoots, the publicity shoots, the countless interviews, the intense push to help him lose weight,” the source explained. “He’s done so much in the last six months of his life. It’s quite overwhelming.”

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Chyna’s friends tell us she’s even nervous about the future of their relationship given that Rob’s so fragile these days. “She doesn’t want him to explode and she certainly doesn’t want him to get scared and leave her hanging at the altar like Mr. Big did to Carrie in the Sex and the City movie,” the source lamented. “She’s going to scale back a bit, continue to give Rob his space and love him from a distance.”

We’re told the couple has been fighting and not speaking and that’s a big reason that Rob’s been throwing tantrums on social media. “Chyna loves him,” the source went on to say. “She doesn’t want to lose him and is really trying to make things right and get on the same page with him.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Blac and Rob will make it to the alter?

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