Sister Wives: Robyn Desperate To Divorce From Kody — ‘This Isn’t What She Signed Up For’

Is divorce looming over one of the 'Sister Wives' couples? Kody Brown's only legal wife, Robyn Brown, is sick of putting up with Kody's behavior and can't wait to get out of her marriage. Get the shocking divorce details right here!

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Kody Brown Divorce
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Almost immediately after Season 7 of Sister Wives concluded in June, the Brown’s family friend Kendra Pollard revealed that Kody was on the hunt for not one, but TWO more wives. Although it sounded like Kody, 45, was the one itching to get out of his four current marriages at the time, it seems the tables may have turned now that Kody really is hoping to find two new wives — and Robyn is totally over dealing with Kody’s marriage obsession!

“If he takes on new wives, she said she’ll leave,” Kendra told Life & Style. “This isn’t what she signed up for.”

As Kody’s only legal wife (the rest of the women are “spiritually married” to him), Robyn is seemingly desperate to no longer be part of the Sister Wives lifestyle. Kendra explained that the show has made Kody completely money hungry, which has resulted in him caring less about how he treats his wives. He’s really only focusing on how to keep the show alive, which is part of the reason he’s searching for two more women to marry. No wonder Robyn is fed up!

In fact, Kody already has a woman in mind: Robyn’s step-niece and family nanny Mindy Jessop. This is all starting to blow up in Kody’s face, especially since there’s no premiere date for Season 8 of Sister Wives as of yet. If an eighth season doesn’t end up happening, Kendra said that’s when all the divorces will commence…and apparently all hell will break loose!

“It’s unfortunate, but I can guarantee you that you’re going to see wives leave,” Kendra added. “Cody’s life is flipping upside down.”

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Notice that Kendra said “wives” — that’s because it’s not just Robyn who will be walking out once all is said and done with the show. Meri and Christine have supposedly had enough too and are ready to split! Janelle is likely the only one to stay, Kendra mentioned, but at this rate we wouldn’t be surprised if Kody pushes her out too. Sounds like some reconciling better happen before a new season of Sister Wives starts (if it does), otherwise Kody could go from four wives to zero!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Robyn should divorce Kody? Do you think all four of the wives will walk out? Tell us below!

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