‘K.C. Undercover’ First Look: Zendaya Reunites With ‘Shake It Up’ Star Adam Irigoyen

It's a 'Shake It Up' reunion! Adam Irigoyen guest stars on the Sept. 11 episode of 'K.C. Undercover' and HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE first look photos of Adam and Zendaya onscreen together! Plus, Adam reveals what it was like to work with Zendaya again!

Shake It Up Reunion KC Undercover
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Zendaya is set to reunite with her former Shake It Up co-star Adam Irigoyen on the upcoming K.C. Undercover episode. Adam guest stars as Big Toe Tolentino, Jr. He crashes the Spy of the Year Awards to avenge his father and interrupts Kira’s big moment! Adam tells us all about what it was like being reunited with Zendaya and fun behind-the-scenes secrets!

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What was it like being reunited with Zendaya on the set of K.C. Undercover?
Working with Zen Zen again was so much fun! The first day was a lot of hugging of people I hadn’t seen in forever, but after that it was like nothing had changed and we were taking care of business again. Lol.

What’s the best advice Zendaya or executive producer Rob Lotterstein ever gave you?”
Well, me and Zen Zen, and the rest of the SIU cast for that matter, basically grew up together so she never really gave me any advice more than whenever I needed girl advice. Haha. However, Rob and the rest of the writers taught us how to “hold for laughs” when filming in front of a live audience. It’s simple, but you’d be surprised how many people forget about the whole thing. Also, you feel pretty awesome when all the jokes land and there’s just a bunch of continuous laughter.

Do you have any fun behind the scenes moment you can share from taping your guest star role?
When I went to the K.C. set, there were very few people I didn’t already know. The stunt team was super cool and super helpful to me with all the fun stuff I got to do in this episode! While rehearsing and when the cameras weren’t rolling, we’d play this game called Assassin. You would basically have to sneak up on the other person and surprise them by snapping your fingers and then sliding your index finger under their chin. It sounds stupid but it makes for a lot of fun. I’ve taken it with me to every other set I’ve worked on since!

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