Anthony Weiner Allegedly Called Marriage To Huma Abedin ‘Busted’ While Sexting

Even before Huma Abedin said she was leaving Anthony Weiner over his latest sexting scandal, the disgraced ex-congressman reportedly knew his marriage over. At least, that’s what he supposedly told his latest sexting partner when they first began flirting!

Anthony Weiner Marriage Busted
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Anthony, 51, had already written off his marriage to Huma, 40, by the time he and a hot 40-something-brunette began talking online, according to new texts obtained by The New York Post. During their first exchange in Jan. 2015, Anthony inquired about the woman’s “status” on Twitter (via direct message.) She responded, “Divorced after 16 years.”

“I kinda envy that path now that I have a 3 yr old and a busted marriage,” Anthony reportedly replied. Wow. Well, if the marriage wasn’t in shambles before, it certainly is now, especially since the Post published a sexting photo that allegedly shows an aroused Anthony posing next to his sleeping son, Jordan Zain Weiner.

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Even before then, Anthony seemed to sense that his time with Huma was running out. In Nov. 2015, he and the brunette reportedly chatted about whether or not he would be “moving to DC” if Hillary Clinton, 68, became president (since Huma is a longtime staffer for Hillary.) “That is a very big Q. Honestly don’t know what [Huma] will do,” he said. When the woman insisted that he was moving, Anthony responded, “I doubt I am under any circumstances.”

It was a case of “three strikes and I’m out” for Huma. Following the revelations that Anthony was still pulling his “Carlos Danger” schtick by sexting other women, she announced that she would be leaving him. She might not be the only one kicking Anthony to the curb, as an expert EXCLUSIVELY tells that after sending a sext that included Jordan, Anthony may lose custody rights to his son!

Perhaps the strangest twist in this latest sexting scandal is that Anthony (who was a Democratic senator) was sexting a woman who claims to be a Trump supporter. Donald Trump, 70, even tried to use this scandal to trash his 2016 Presidential Election opponent.

“Our country and its security [may] have been greatly compromised” by Anthony’s sexting, according to Donald. Huh. While Anthony was on the mark by assuming his marriage was over, Donald thinking Anthony’s weiner is a national threat is a bit of a stretch.

What do you think about Anthony reportedly saying his marriage was “busted,” HollywoodLifers? Do you think he should have called it quits then and saved Huma the embarrassment?

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