‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Izzy Gives Real Life Reasons For Split & It’s Great

Now, I don't mean that it's great that Izzy dumped her 'Bachelor in Paradise' paramour Vinny without explaining her reason. But, it's great that on the 'After Paradise' show, she honestly admitted to real-life reasons for the sudden split.

Why Did Izzy Vinny Split
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When Izzy Goodkind,25, gave Vinny Ventiera,28, the heave-ho unexpectedly on the Aug. 22nd episode of Bachelor in Paradise, she looked like a heartless user, whose head had been turned by newly arrived hunk, Brett, 30. That’s right, after canoodling since the beginning of the season with Vinny and  becoming an established couple on Paradise, she left the V-man and went on a date with Brett, shortly after he arrived in ‘paradise.’

Heartbroken Vinny ended up leaving Paradise  right away without ever getting a real reason from Izzy as to why she had a 360 degree change of heart. He finally got his long-awaited answer when Izzy joined him on the After Paradise show on Aug. 23, and she pulled a surprising move.

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She actually spoke out like a non-reality TV person and admitted that being on a show that documented every aspect of her and Vinny’s romance was a huge contributor to her relationship -disappearing act. “We didn’t really ever have certain conversations about our family life, our home life, growing up, those sorts of things, which I think are a great foundation to any relationship. That was something we had been missing,” she confessed to Vinny on the After Paradise show.

Izzy pointed out that they couldn’t have those conversations on-camera — normal conversations that any couple who wants to get serious HAS to have. It was the first time I’ve ever heard a contestant on one of these shows – Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise – actually address the fact that the people looking for love and marriage on TV shows never actually seem to talk about real-life issues.

I’ve often wondered how Jojo, Ben, Chris or Kaitlyn could ever have chosen a mate when they never appear redto talk about anything other than their developing feelings for each other. Now, finally, Izzy pulled back the curtain on how the TV cameras put a stopper on those important discussions. “I wasn’t able to express those things [her sense of doubt about herself and her relationship with Vinny] to him in the time that I hoped,” she explained.

In other words, the lack of privacy with Vinny hindered her ability to have the kind of serious relationship-building discussions she needed and she couldn’t cope with that. She admitted that she acted badly and basically used Brett to run away from Vinny.

“I’ve run from a great thing” in the past, she confessed and admitted that she did it again to Vinny. “I let an amazing man go,” and she “100 percent” regrets it.

It was so refreshing to get this honesty out of a contestant on one of these shows. She confessed – a first for the genre- that she needed to have real, deeper discussions with a man to get serious AND that the ever-present TV cameras got in the way.

Izzy, we’re sorry that you broke Vinny’s heart but so glad that you broke through the usual reality TV wall be refreshingly honest with Vinny and viewers on After Paradise.

Hollywoodlifers, would you like to see Bachelor in Paradise talk about real-life relationship issues and goals? Let me know.

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