Usain Bolt & Sexy Girlfriend Kasi Bennett: See Pics Of Their Romance

Wowza! It looks like Usain Bolt has been hiding a gem of a girlfriend from the public for two years now, and on Aug. 19 he finally revealed her to the world! We have all the sexy pics of Usain and Kasi Bennett that you need to see, right here!

Usain Bolt Kasi Bennett Pics
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Usain Bolt won the jackpot! Not just in the genetic lottery that makes him a running monster, but in the girlfriend lottery too! On Aug, 19, the world learned that Usain has been dating the very lovely Kasi Bennett for two years, and besides one kissing pic in April (after which he denied the relationship) the only pic we’ve seen of them together is one from Rio where they’re both posing nearly naked on the back of an ATV. So, why don’t you make up for the lost time during which you could have been drooling over this sexy couple, and click through out gallery above!

Usain must be having the time of his life in Rio. Not only has he raked in medal after medal (for a grand total of 9 golds, three of which were collected at the Rio Olympics), but on top of his stellar performance, he has also had Kasi by his side, rooting him on. Plus she slipped into a sexy Jamaican-inspired outfit on Aug. 19 to congratulate her man and pose for a rare pic with him.

Usain Bolt & Kasi Bennett: See Pics Of The Sexy Couple

Aside from being obviously stunning, and an amazing supportive girlfriend to Usain, Kasi is a really interesting girl. On one hand she’s a big fan of fashion, sharing outfit after outfit on her gorgeous Instagram. On the other hand, she’s a laidback chick who likes to play Pokemon GO in her spare time. Sounds like a catch to us!

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