Danell Leyva: Hunky U.S Gymnast Strips While Competing On Parallel Bars — Watch

It's getting hot in here! Danell Leyva of Team USA had a little bit of fun on the parallel bars at the gymnastics gala on Aug. 17. When his routine just got too steamy for him to continue, he just had to take the top part of his leotard off, and we are okay with that. WATCH!

Danell Leyva, 24, let loose in Rio, giving the crowd a show — more so than usual — on the parallel bars as Pitbull‘s “Fireball” played. WATCH the video above, and while his flipping is obviously impressive, skip to 0:20 to see the real action. Wink.

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Danell clearly knows how to play to the crowd. He first showed off with a few tricks on the parallel bars, then paused to rile up fans and encourage applause. He then slid his leotard down to his waist, and performed a phenomenal routine of twists and somersaults — all half-naked. Bless.

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Danell had already won silver medals for parallel bars and high bar, so this gala was really just a chance to blow off steam and celebrate his successes. “Nobody has a perfect day, but I feel like this was this as close to perfect as I possibly could have gotten,” Leyva said on Aug. 16 after taking the silver at the Rio Olympic Arena. “I’m incredibly happy.”


Danell actually suffered huge bite injuries caused by his family’s dogs while he was preparing for the Olympics in MAy, and his huge leg wounds almost kept him from competing. Luckily, he healed in time, and his Achilles was not damaged —  or else his chances for Rio probably would have been ruined.

HollywoodLifers, is this one of your favorite Olympics moments? If not, tell us which ones beats Danell’s striptease!

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