Nolan Gould On Ariel Winter Being A ‘Social Media Star’: I Won’t Let It ‘Get To Her Head’

Ariel Winter may be a sexy Insta-Idol to some, but to 'Modern Family' co-star Nolan Gould she's just the same old big sister she's always been. He told EXCLUSIVELY that despite her new social media fame, he'll make sure it doesn't 'get to her head'. Here's the scoop!

“So Ariel (Winter)’s been getting a lot of press lately and being a big social media star,” Modern Family co-star Nolan Gould said EXCLUSIVELY to on Aug. 16 at Variety’s Young Hollywood event. However, he’s definitely not worried that it will change their dynamic working together. “We’re not going to let that get to her head. We’re still her modern family, and if she ever forgets us were going to be there to remind her.” We love it!

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When asked is Ariel has changed over the years that she played his big sis Alex Duffy on the show, he says that’s to be expected. “Of course we’ve changed, we’ve grown up,” he explained. “We’re definitely not the same kids that we were 8 years ago but not in bad ways. We’ve all changed in really good ways and we’ve all remained humble and really kind. She’s become more amazing over the years.”

While all of Instagram has their eyes on Ariel and her sexy curves (she just celebrated 2 million followers with a hot booty shot), Nolan has his full attention on someone else. “All day, every day, Emma Watson,” he said when asked about his celeb crush. “Not only is she like beautiful but she’s really smart and really passionate about a lot of great causes.” What a great answer! 

We love how close Nolan and Ariel are after 8 years of doing MoFy together. On Aug. 15, Ariel posted a pic kissing her TV bro on the cheek while he looks away, annoyed. “Nolan’s sooooo over our friendship/siblingship,” she captioned the pic. So cute! We hope they never change!

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