Brie Larson ‘Fed Up’ With Tom Hiddleston Talking About Taylor Swift: He’s A ‘Snob’

Uh-oh, is Taylor Swift causing trouble for Tom Hiddleston's costars? His 'Kong: Skull Island' costar Brie Larson is totally 'fed up' with how much Tom talks about Taylor, and it's making things tense on set. Get the details right here!

Brie Larson Tom Hiddleston Feud
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“They actually enjoyed shooting the movie to begin with, but then they grew very tired of each other,” a production source revealed to OK. “Brie thought Tom was becoming a snob, and he just found her dull. She’s also fed up with his talking about Taylor Swift!”

Yikes, it sounds like Tom, 35, and Brie, 26, aren’t the most compatible costars…at least not anymore! While Taylor, 26, doesn’t seem to necessarily be the root of the problem, she certainly doesn’t seem to be helping anything. We can only hope that Taylor isn’t the reason Tom has become a snob!

Even if Taylor is heavily contributing to the issues between Brie and Tom, the source hinted that a lot of the feud has to do with their backgrounds. Brie comes from a humble background, so she thinks he has quite the “overinflated ego.” Sure, dating a superstar like Taylor can boost the old self-esteem, but it shouldn’t hinder your ability to get along with people!

In fact, Tom’s behavior isn’t just bothering Brie — it’s causing some major tension! “At this point, they can barely stand each other,” the insider added. Oh dear!

Tom and Brie have already begun promoting their movie, appearing at San Diego’s Comic-Con in July, so the fakeness has already begun. Sure, they seemed like totally happy costars, but the source insists that they were simply just putting on a front. Behind the scenes it’s a different story!

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Considering they still have seven months before Kong: Skull Island comes out (it’s set for a March 10, 2017 release), Tom and Brie better settle their scores and put on happy faces. If Taylor really is a big part of the tension between Brie and Tom, who knows, it could result in the end of Hiddleswift. We definitely don’t want that to happen, so let’s hope Tom and Brie can make amends soon!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Taylor is the reason behind Tom’s supposed snobbiness? What’s the best way for Brie and Tom to fix things? Tell us below!

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