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‘Rob & Chyna’ Trailer: Blac Screams At Him For ‘Still Texting B*tches’ — Watch

Do NOT mess with Blac Chyna. The first trailer for 'Rob & Chyna' was revealed on Aug. 15, and we find out why Blac and Rob Kardashian got into such a huge fight just a few weeks ago. In this first look, Blac accuses him of cheating and screams at Rob to tell her what's going on. Click to WATCH!

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“Are you still texting b*tches, yes or no?!” Blac, 28, screams at Rob, 29, in the trailer, courtesy of E! News. Thankfully, for Rob’s sake, this showdown isn’t face-to-face. Their huge fight goes down over the phone. Boy, Blac is MAD! Blac later throws a bouquet of flowers, likely from Rob, into the pool and slams the door on him as he walks out. “Bye!” she yells.

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This huge blowout between Rob and Blac over these “other b*tches” prompted a very brief split between the parents-to-be. HollywoodLife.com learned EXCLUSIVELY that the drama between Rob and Blac has been “challenging” since Blac got pregnant and they started filming their reality show. It didn’t take long for Rob and Blac to reunite and get back on track.

At the end of the day, Blac and Rob love each other. They just have a very complicated relationship. “I fell in love with you because I know how good you are and loyal you are,” Rob tells a pregnant Blac in the trailer.

Blac is the latest addition to the Kardashian family, Khloe Kardashian, 32, is still uncertain about the entire relationship. “That Rob wants to be so public blows my mind,” Khloe says. Everyone knows that Khloe hasn’t always been a fan of Rob and Blac’s relationship.

Rob & Chyna will also feature Rob’s weight loss journey. A brief clip in the trailer shows Rob working out. Scott Disick, 32, is off to the site supporting him. Aw! They’re bros for life! Rob & Chyna will premiere Sept. 11 on E!

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