Gio Reveals He Has ‘No Regrets’ After Drama-Filled ‘AYTO’: I Did My Best To Stay Positive

The most controversial cast member on season four of 'Are You the One?' feels nothing but happiness after that explosive season. Gio has been on the hunt for love all season and was involved in the biggest rollercoaster relationship in the show's history, but he's not looking back with regrets.

AYTO Finale Gio
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We got the chance to chat with Gio about his experience on the show, and his relationships. So, will he do a challenge next?

On bond with Kaylen:
Initially, I definitely made a connection with Kaylen; we kind of come from the same background. We connect really well, we’re both Scorpios. We have so much in common. It was an instant connection, and that can be a good thing or that can be a bad thing, so to this day, nothing but love and respect toward her. I have nothing but great things to say about her, and our story is very very interesting and unique. I will never forget that girl.

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On having regrets:
As long as I was real and honest with myself, I wouldn’t have any regrets. Throughout the whole show, I didn’t give a f–k. I did what I wanted, I said what I wanted. I played with my heart. And to this day, I still don’t give a f–k. It’s raw. It’s reality TV, so I was being real. If you’re fake, I’m going to see it from a mile away. I did my best throughout the whole experience to just be positive and appreciate the little things. Of course, made a lot of mistakes and I learned a lot, but I have no regrets because I was real.

On house drama:
You get 20 people living in a house, people are going to clash. I’m the type of person that lives and dies by my beliefs. My heart tells me something, and I believe something, I die from it. It takes a whole lot to sway me in another direction. My mentality is, ‘I have nothing to lose.’ I don’t care about the money — I never did. I care about my beliefs. I care about happiness.

On possibly doing a Challenge:
They don’t want me to do the Challenge, they know I’d win. Im’ a true athlete and I’m a true competitor. You’d have to kill me to beat me. There’s all this hype now that AYTO sucks on challenges. They’re saying, ‘Lets do The Real World vs Are You the One?. F–k that, let’s do The Real World vs Giovanni. I don’t care how many seasons you’ve done, I don’t care how long you’ve been around. Most of them are old and washed up anyways.

HollywoodLifers, would you want to see Gio on a Challenge? The finale of AYTO airs tonight at 10PM on MTV.

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