‘Make It Or Break It’ Reunion: Carter Reveals If Kaylie Or Lauren Won The Love Triangle

The 'Make It Or Break It' had the most epic reunion to talk about the hit gymnastics show! Cassie Scerbo, Zachary Burr Abel and more stars revealed all in a Facebook Live on Aug. 10, including who won the Lauren/Carter/Kaylie love triangle! Plus, check out the amazing photos of the reunion.

Make It Or Break It Reunion
Image Credit: Courtesy of Facebook

This is it. Make It or Break It fans are finally getting answers to their burning questions. Anyone who watched the 2009 show had their opinions about the Kaylie/Carter/Lauren triangle. Well, Zachary officially confirmed who won the love triangle.

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“I wanted to win that triangle for years. Did I win? Did Lauren win?” Cassie asked Zach. He nodded yes. OMG! He said he like the “back and forth” between Lauren and Carter. That certainly settles things!

“Sorry, Josie!” Cassie said, referencing Josie Loren, who was absent from the live stream. Zachary added, “You’re not here to defend yourself.”

However, Cassie notes that the series was all about girl power. “At the end of the day, I think whatever the girls were going through with boys or in their family lives, they always had each other,” she said. “They were sisters, they were a family. Even when they hated each other, they loved each other.”

The big reunion went down just as the real-life U.S. gymnastics team won gold at the Rio Olympics. The 2009 series followed four young gymnasts — Lauren, Kaylie, Emily and Payson — as they worked to win Olympic medals. Make It or Break It ended in 2012 after three seasons.

“The hardest part for me was knowing that I wasn’t going to have this exact family anymore,” Cassie said during the live stream. “I miss my fake room. I miss it all!”

HollywoodLifers, were you Team Kaylie or Team Lauren? Do you miss Make It or Break It? Let us know!

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