‘Scream’ Recap: Emma & Audrey Become Prime Suspects In The Lakewood Murders

After Zoe's tragic death last week, the police seemed to be on Emma, Audrey and Noah's side, but things didn't stay that way for very long on the Aug. 9 episode of 'Scream.' In the wake of another murder in Lakewood (not Zoe), Audrey and Emma quickly became prime suspects.

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Unfortunately, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time at the close of the Aug. 9 episode of Scream.

It all started when the killer broke into Emma’s house and stole her dream journal. No one was harmed, but the intrusion was enough to scare Maggie into thinking whoever’s after them must have a strong connection to Piper. The sheriff’s first inclination was Ms. Lang because she and Piper were both residents at Blessed Sisters as children. She, however, denied having any connection to Piper, following her childhood. Instead, Ms. Lang told the sheriff the person he should be looking into is Emma Duvall.

But Emma and her friends were busy doing their own investigating. While taking down Noah’s (John Kern) murder board — per his request — they discovered a newspaper clipping that showed Eli was in town during Will Belmont’s funeral last year. So when Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) snuck into Eli’s room, he found all the letters Audrey had ever written to Piper. Plus, he discovered the pictures Emma initially found at the abandoned pig farm. So, of course, Emma and her friends labeled Eli as the killer, but they wanted to find more proof before going to the police. And since the photos were from the pig farm, Emma and Audrey decided it was the best place to look for more evidence.

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Sadly, it wasn’t the best idea. While inside the farm house, a mysterious car pulled onto the lot, and it was none other than Brooke’s dad. The mayor showed up because the killer lured him there by threatening to expose all his secrets about how he has scammed half the town. And once inside the barn, the killer stabbed Brooke’s dad with a pitchfork. He was later found by Emma and Audrey, but by that time police had already been alerted. When authorities arrived on the scene, Emma and Audrey had their hands covered in the mayor’s blood and they quickly became the prime suspects in the town’s killing spree.

It also didn’t help that the killer released a video on Noah’s podcast, one which featured footage of Audrey tampering with Jake’s dead body, Emma talking about how she stabbed all her friends in her dream, and more.

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