Chad Johnson Lashes Out At Bachelor in Paradise: I Didn’t Crap My Pants — Watch

Bad Chad Johnson is back to set the record straight about one thing: he did not poop his pants on 'Bachelor In Paradise'! He says the editors manipulated the video to make it look like he crapped himself on the season premiere. Here's what he said really happened!

Did Chad Johnson Poop His Pants
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This is amazing. Chad Johnson still isn’t happy with how he went out on Bachelor In Paradise after just one night, but of all the complaints he has, number one is that he insists he didn’t poop his pants. On the first episode of the season, Chad got SUPER drunk while flirting with Lace and got the whole island mad at him. When he finally passed out on the beach, one of the guys says he crapped his swim trunks. Then the show cuts to a clip of him smelling his pants. He told TMZ the incident was all smoke and mirrors! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO.

“I don’t regret it,” he said about going on the show, but he did feel that producers manipulated the situation. “They made it look like some things happened that didn’t happen, ya know, but whatever. They made it look like I sh*t my pants so I’m not very happy with the editors on that one.” When pressed for details, Chad said “No I didn’t sh*t my pants, I own two pairs of the same swim shorts so I was trying to figure out which ones I wore.”

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Honestly, we actually kind of believe him. When all is said and done, he seems a little apologetic about what happened before getting kicked off, but he’s sticking to his guns about being sabotaged. “I just drank way too much, I said a bunch of things I shouldn’t say, but everyone followed me around all night just telling me what I could and couldn’t say, which they didn’t show. That gets old after a while.”

HollywoodLifers, do you believe Chad’s story about not pooping his pants? Share your thoughts with us!

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