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Gigi Hadid: Get Her Exact Glow From Hollywood Tanning Guru Jimmy Jimmy Coco

Gigi Hadid is body goals so when we found out how her tanning guru -- Jimmy Jimmy Coco -- makes her figure even more flawless we just had to share. Hollywood's go to tan guy gives us the lowdown on how to get a supermodel worthy tan --- and even a temporary butt lift -- from a spray can.

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Image Credit: Courtesy Instagram

Remember that time Gigi went all bronzed goddess on us and totally stole the red carpet at the MTV VMA’s? Or how about Katy Perry’s perfect beach bronze in her ‘California Gurls’ video? Or the Victoria Secret models for their annual fashion show?  All Jimmy Jimmy Coco.

A private tanning session with him will set you back $350 bucks – that’s if you can even get an appointment. As much as we’d love to get one every week from Jimmy Jimmy Coco , we’ll have to settle for his top secret tips – like contouring to create the illusion of a lifted booty.

The first step in getting a runway worthy glow is picking up the right self-tanner. We love Jimmy’s signature tanning spray because it’s so easy to use and it will never leave you streaky. Plus, it’s the same formula he uses on all his clients. We weren’t blessed with Miranda Kerr’s mile long legs but at least we can get her tan, right.

Start by applying lotion or barrier cream onto your fingernails and toenails and any dry areas of your body (knees, elbows, knuckles). Next, stand on a towel in the bathroom with good lighting and begin lightly spraying your body in long sweeping motions, keeping in mind that a little bit goes a long way. If you cannot reach your back ask your boyfriend or your BFF for help. Hold your breath and close your eyes when spraying your face — but don’t squint because it will create lines on your face! Once you’ve lightly misted your entire body you can use a hair dryer on a low cool setting to dry your body faster. Next wipe away lotion from your nails. Now you’re ready to contour!

To get Jimmy Jimmy Coco’s signature secret butt lift have your boyfriend or bestie spray a heart around your behind. Want to add some abdominal definition? Use a few drops of your favorite self-tanning lotion on your fingertip and begin tracing the contours of your abdomen. Those lines will blend in with your tan and will show through for sexy contouring. Once your application is complete, refrain from swimming, sweating or showering for the next 8 hours. And voila, you’re now ready to rock your tan.