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Joe Biden Vs. Tim Kaine: Who Was The Bigger Hunk In Their Youth? See Pics & VOTE

Ow ow! Politicians, Joe Biden and Tim Kaine didn't just have the brains as young adults; the two Democrats were also super attractive! But who was hotter? Check out these sexy pics and vote here!

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Joe Biden Tim Kaine Old Photos
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It’s only fitting that we start with the nation’s current Vice President Biden, 73. Joe was definitely an uber babe! One pic that comes to mind, is a throwback of a 26-year-old Joe where he’s posing in a red, buttoned-down shirt. And in addition to showcasing his chiseled body, he also showed off his stellar smile. Of course we love Joe for many other reasons, but his gorgeous jawline, is taking our love to whole new levels. Seriously, we are still drooling over the sexy pic!

And Joe isn’t the only one who would have turned heads as a young adult. Tim, 58, was definitely a hottie back in the day. The official Democratic vice presidential nominee, was practically too dreamy to handle! Pictures of Tim in his early 20s have been circulating the Internet, showing the candidate with curly hair and a smile that would make anyone melt! Many fans were also commenting on his amazing cheekbones.

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Okay, we know we’re sounding a little superficial right now. But there’s definitely much more to love about the two Democrats besides their jawlines and great genes. In addition to helping President Obama, 54, run the country, the Vice President has also pushed for tighter gun control laws and same-sex marriage!  Incredible! And it looks like Tim is seeking to follow in his footsteps. After Hillary Clinton, 68, announced Tim would be her running campaign, he addressed the Democratic National Convention on July 27, pledging to get rid of the radical group ISIS and bring the nation together. Wow, these two definitely have it all!

And while neither Joe nor Tim look the same as their younger selves, they definitely have the same cheery spirit as they did nearly 20 years ago. And now and then we can even see them sporting those same big grins!

So, HollywoodLifers, who would you have dated — VP Biden or Kaine?