Kylie Jenner Finally Reveals Her New Tattoo — But What Does It Mean?

Kylie Jenner's got a new tat! The make-up mogul may have given us a glimpse into her booty tattoo appointment July 23, but she's been quiet about what exactly she got inked. Now her mysterious body art is revealed! Find out here!

What Does Kylie Jenner New Tattoo Mean
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Snapchat/Courtesy of Instagram

Kylie Jenner, 18, showed us a major glimpse into her life, per usual, when she took to her Snapchat to show her getting a tattoo on her butt! On July 23, the reality star was getting inked up by celeb tattoo artist, Rafael Valdez, but she kept us guessing when she didn’t show the final product. But apparently Ky added some new ink to an already existing tattoo. Rafael “added the word ‘before’ in front of the ‘sanity’ tattoo Kylie got last year, TMZ reported. (pictured above).

It appears Kylie is staying consistent her with choice of artists since Rafael “gave Ky her first tattoo, a tiny red heart,” the site mentioned. And her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Tyga, 26, is probably the one who originally referred her since he’s the rapper’s “personal tattoo artist.” 

While it’s unclear what the meaning is behind her bootylicious tat, we’re sure Kylie had a good or cryptic reason for her revised ink. This particular artist must be one of the best too, since he’s tatted celebs like Iggy Azalea, 26, and Nick Young, 31. The high-end artist even charges a pretty penny for is work. According to his site, the tattoo minimum is $600, with a $200/hour charge. WOAH, Ky!

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However, this isn’t the teenager’s first date with the tattoo needle. In February 2016, she had her grandmother’s name, Mary Jo, permanently inked on her arm in her grandfather’s handwriting. AW! And if you’re worried about Kylie not showing her new tat, don’t stress. She waited nearly two months before showing the world her “Sanity” art. We’re sure we’ll be getting a nice photo op on her Instagram of this one very soon!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Kylie’s new tat? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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