‘Scream’ Recap: Emma Nearly Kills Kieran Before Learning Audrey’s Secret

So insane! Emma came very close to killing her own boyfriend, Kieran, on the July 19 episode of 'Scream.' And then, she was hit with a major bombshell, when someone (likely Zoe) sent her the file of Audrey admitting her shocking secret to Noah! Get all the details in our recap, here.

The July 19 episode of Scream was pretty darn crazy. Not only did Emma learn a deep dark secret about Eli, but she also nearly killed her boyfriend, Kieran, when the killer kidnapped him and dressed him up in the Brandon James costume. Tough week for Kieran’s family!

So Emma went to the carnival with Audrey, but soon found herself trying to save Kieran from the killer. However, when she couldn’t find him in the funhouse, she was greeted by a very dead cop and the masked killer. In a moment of despair, she grabbed the cop’s gun and shot a bullet. She ended up hitting a mirror, but it’s a good thing, because we later discovered it was actually Kieran behind the mask.

And due to his near death experience, Kieran finally confessed to Emma that he feels responsible for his stepdad’s demise. Apparently, he was having a fight with him in the car when they crashed. Oh, and speaking of secrets, the sheriff told Emma that Eli likes to break into girls’ houses. He even has a restraining order against him. (Creepy!)

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Elsewhere, Zoe won the Lady of Lakewood contest. She certainly deserved it, but Brooke’s speech should have gotten it’s own award. A very drunken Brooke took to the stage before Zoe’s win and called out the town for throwing such an event in spite of all the recent deaths, especially Jake’s.

Later, Noah and Zoe almost had sex, but of course, Audrey interrupted again when she called her BFF. She just wanted to tell Noah she was about to confess her biggest secret to Emma — that she was Piper’s accomplice — but unfortunately, someone beat her to the punch. When Audrey walked into Emma’s room, she was already listening to Noah’s recording of her confession. We’re guessing Zoe sent it after Audrey — once again — interrupted her sexy time with Noah.

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