Pokemon GO Now Charging To Play? — Find Out The Shocking Truth

Oh-no! Pokémon GO players have been told that it’s now going to cost $12.99 a month to play the hottest game around. Is all the free fun over and it's time to pay up? HollywoodLife.com has the truth! Do fans have to start paying for the chance to catch Pikachu, Machop and Snorlax? Though Pokémon GO is currently free, users have been told the game is going to start charging a monthly fee! Yet, before Pokémon trainers start forking over their gold coins, they better learn all the facts.

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Do You Have To Pay For Pokemon Go
Image Credit: Courtesy of Nintendo

Some Pokémon GO players have received an email from pokemongo@niantictech.com, telling them: “We regret to inform you that due to the overwhelming response to our new Pokémon GO app and the need for more powerful servers we can no longer afford to keep your account as free. Please log in to your app store to purchase the full version which costs $12.99 a month. Your account will be frozen in 24 hours if you do not upgrade.”

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“We are so sorry for the inconvenience and hope to see you continue to catch ‘em all on our upgraded version,” the message ends. There are links in the email, but Pokémon GO users should NOT click them. The email address comes from niantictech.com, when the official website for Niantic, the game’s developer, is NianticLabs.com. So, that is a major red flag.

Secondly, on both the Google Play and Apple App store, there’s no mention of a subscription fee. It clearly seems like this @niantictech.com email is up to no good. HollywoodLife.com has reached out to the actual Niantic for comment on this. In the meantime, Pokémon GO remains free for everyone to play until their pokeballs are full with a variety of critters.

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The world is a dangerous place for a Pokémon Trainer. In addition to this suspicious email, users were freaking out how the game had “Full Access” to their Google accounts, which looked like Niantic could read people’s emails, see their contacts and access every other bit of data. This turned out to be untrue. Yikes. Well, now players only have to worry about tripping over dead bodies, getting robbed at gunpoint, or running into the Kardashian family while trying to catch themselves a Pikachu.

Did you get that suspicious email, HollywoodLifers? What do you think about it?