Jaycee Dugard Slams Rumors ‘Room’ Movie Was Based On Her Kidnapping

SHUT DOWN! Jaycee Dugard may have 'liked' the book 'Room,' but it wasn't because it was about her own story as a kidnap victim. In fact, Jaycee has come out saying that the rumors about the book, and movie of the same name, are based on her are 'totally false.' Jaycee Dugard, 36, is making it clear that Room, a story about a kidnapping similar to her own, is not actually based on her own experiences. In a recent interview, Jaycee spoke about how her 18 years in captivity were very real, but that book, and the film that followed it, are complete fiction. Read on to find out what Jaycee said!

Room Based On Jaycee Dugard
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“I did read the book Room with the understanding that it was totally fictional and I liked it,” Jaycee told PEOPLE. “Some have compared what I went through to this book and movie and that is totally false. The main thing to remember is that the reality of captivity is different for each person.” Emma Donoghue‘s 2010 novel is about a fictional mother and her 5-year-old son who are held captive for years in a tiny structure they call “room.” Once the two find a way to escape, the boy begins to experience all the world has to offer outside of the “room.” The moving story was turned into the 2015 movie of the same name starring Brie Larson, 26, and Jacob Tremblay, 9.

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Jaycee told PEOPLE that, “the story gives false depiction of what reality is after captivity. The way the central character is treated is exactly what you should not do. Putting a survivor in the hospital with a doctor who looks like the perpetrator is exactly the wrong thing to do.” And if anyone knows how the situation should be handled it’s Jaycee, which is why she founded the JAYC Foundation – an organization that provides support and services to families recovering from abduction. We can definitely see why Jaycee would be offended by people assuming the book and movie are based on her experiences, as it is such a personal story.

Jaycee was kidnapped at 11 and held captive for 18 years, giving birth to two daughters during that time. Now, she’s been free for 7 wonderful years. “Survivors of crimes should not be treated like they are sick. It only makes them worse,” Jaycee said. “To really learn about situations like this you have to listen to people who have been through it.” We are so proud of her strength!

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