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BET Awards: Taraji Henson & Tracee Ellis Ross Urge Voting Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump, you have a hard road to the White House is the BET Awards are any indication. Multiple stars encouraged the audience to vote in what is the most important election in modern times. Taraji Henson, host Tracee Ellis Ross and more stars on stage at the BET Awards used the award show to press the audience to vote in November... or else!

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Celebs Against Donald Trump BET Awards
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Please register to vote and make sure you vote; was a recurring theme of the night. “We really need to pull together and turn this thing around,” Taraji Henson urged the audience, insisting that they don’t want to see Donald Trump land in the White House

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That was after the host of the evening, Tracee Ellis Ross, had already pointed out that ‘this election will be determined by single women – welcome to the White House, Hillary Clinton.’ And then Floyd Mayweather found himself mocked by the night’s other co-host, Anthony Anderson thanks to his plan to vote for Donald Trump. During a commercial break. Anderson confronted Mayweather, a known Republican, asking him if he’d be voting for presidential presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, 70.

When Mayweather just laughed in reply, Anderson ribbed, “I don’t know how the hell you got tickets to the show if you’re a Republican.” The audience broke out in laughter.

The audience was sure getting the message Donald, and they rallied especially around Taraji.

Here’s what they had to say:

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So, here’s the deal, Donald Trump – you haven’t won any friends among the BET Awards crowd, except for Floyd Mayweather.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Taraji, Tracee and Anthony will influence people to vote against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton? Let me know.