‘AYTO’: Victoria Screams At John & Calls Julia A ‘Hoe’ & A ‘F–kin’ Tease’ — Watch

Put aside the fact that Julia isn't interested in John -- they're also not a match. However, he just can't quit her and everyone in the house is getting fed up... especially Julia. Are You the One? is all about finding your perfect match, but that's not possible if people in the house aren't participating. That's the case this week when Victoria calls out John in this exclusive clip, and while she makes good points, the name calling and tears get a little excessive. But hey, she's looking for love -- it's serious! Watch here.

Are You The One Victoria Fights John
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“I’m no longer here for love,” John says in the clip when he hears Tori and Victoria discussing that Julia is off with Stephen.

“It’s just bullsh-t John,” Victoria yells at John after he tries saying it doesn’t matter what he does. “What if you’re my match? What if we could connect deeply and we’re never gonna get that chance because you’re chasing over someone who blatantly doesn’t want you and who wants you to think she wants you so that she can keep getting your attention!

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And enter Julia. Clearly, she’s offended but she doesn’t speak up, so Julia continues.

“Why do all guys f–kin’ like hoes? She’s a f–kin’ tease, dude! Grow the f–k up. Get some balls,” Victoria yells, before motioning to Julia. “You guys are both the most f–ked up people here, so get real. Stop!”

Do you agree with Victoria or John? Do you think Julia needs to just tell John she’s over it? Let us know! Watch the clip from this week’s Are You the One? below, then tune in to MTV for the new episode on Monday night at 10PM!

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