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Meg Ryan: She’s Had ‘Too Much’ Done To Her Face, Doctor Says — Botox, Fillers & More

Yikes! After Meg Ryan revealed a dramatic new look on June 12 at the Tony Awards, an expert plastic surgeon told EXCLUSIVELY that she's likely had a lot of work done, and in his opinion it's 'too much'! See what he had to say, right here! Meg Ryan, 54, was looking dramatically different at the Tony Awards on June 12, so we chatted with plastic surgeon Mark Youssef from Younique Cosmetic Surgery to get his expert opinion on what Meg may have done to her face. See why he told EXCLUSIVELY that she's had "too much" work done, here!

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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery
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While we can’t confirm whether or not Meg has had plastic surgery, Mark is very confident that she has, based on his expert opinion. “I think she looked better before this work,” he told EXCLUSIVELY. “She may have done too much. I think that’s why people are a little shocked because she doesn’t look like the Meg Ryan that we all love.”

So, what does Mark believe Meg changed? “The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek,” he said. “It’s definitely too much because the apple of her cheek is too full and too large. When she smiles, all of that filler moves up and makes her eyes look smaller. The reason she looks masculine is because of the placement of the volume in her cheeks. The volume of the filler should have been placed more laterally to give her a softer look.”

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Cheeks aren’t the only thing Mark believes Meg had worked on. “The tip of her nose is narrower than before,” he continued. “The tip looks more pinched, so it’s very possible that she had some sort of rhinoplasty. There’s definitely volume in her lips as well, and Botox on her forehead. She’s had too much Botox in the forehead, and as a result the eyes look smaller because it drops the position of the eyebrow.”

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“The surgery that most drastically changes the shape of the face is a face lift,” Mark explained to us. “It looks like Meg Ryan may have had one. It’s possible because the shape of her face has changed so much. The texture of her face also looks different. It looks like she could have had some sort of laser skin resurfacing procedure.”

He worries that addiction may be the root of Meg’s major change. “Plastic surgery addiction is a very real thing. It’s the unending desire to change your image,” he explained. And where does this obsession come from? “It’s basically an unhappiness with your image. It comes from the root of being unhappy with yourself on the inside. You think the surgery is going to solve the issue but it doesn’t because it’s more of a mental distortion of your image.”

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