Christina Grimmie’s Secret Heartache: Her Last Emotional Interview About Her Sick Mom

Just days before she was murdered, Christina Grimmie spoke openly about how her mother's cancer impacted the music on the last album she released, 'Side A.' So sad. Christina Grimmie, 22, was struggling with the fact that her mother, Tina Grimmie, had cancer. In one of her last interviews ever given, Christina revealed that her mother's illness was just one of the many "personal issues" she suffered with while writing her final album, Type A.

“[…] all my fans know about my mom, she has been dealing with cancer for a long time and things have just been going not so great lately, so there was that,” Christina explained, talking about the things that influenced her final album, Type A, which was released in February 2016. The interview was published on Pop Crush on June 7, just three days before an unidentified gunman walked up to Christina and shot her to death after her concert in Orlando, Florida on June 10. UPDATE: Christina’s killer has been identified. Details HERE.

Christina never kept her mother’s illness a secret, especially from her fans, but when things took a turn for the worse it really took it’s toll on her. It’s party of what led up to the 4-song album, Type A, she released in her final year alive.

“There were a lot of other personal issues I was dealing with, friends, boys, whatever so I just wanted to get it all out on one record in four songs,” Christina explained.

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Unfortunately for Christina and her family, Tina’s illness was not a new thing. Back in 2012 Christina often updated her Facebook page with news about her mom, including a post in which she excitedly shared that her mom’s cancer was “not active.” Plus, when she performed at a City Of Hope fundraiser in October 2014, she revealed that her mother had survived breast cancer four times.

“My mom has had breast cancer four times, now. And she just got put back on chemo again,” Christina told AXS in an interview at the time.

When Christina was attacked by the gunman while signing autographs with her tour mates, Before You Exit, her parents were not with her. A new report claims that Tina, along with Christina’s father, Albert, were flying down to Orlando on Saturday afternoon, June 11.

Out thoughts go out to Christina’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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