Chris Rock: Why He Refuses To Apologize For Selena Gomez Diss

Chris Rock is sticking by his diss! He declared to the Twitterverse that Selena Gomez isn't as talented as Beyonce on June 7, and we're hearing that he has no remorse for his mean tweet. In fact, he wanted to offend Selena in order to make the joke funny! Selena Gomez won't be hearing "sorry" from Chris Rock! The 51-year-old used his no-boundaries humor to totally slam Sel, 23, with a joke calling her a low-grade Beyonce on Twitter, which couldn't have been a very easy blow for Selena to take. But even if Selena speaks out about how offended she is by his tweet, Chris is apparently not apologizing!

Chris doesn’t have it out for Selena, he did it because it was funny. He is a brilliant comic and nothing and nobody is off limits in his comedy and he did it only for a laugh,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. “He didn’t know he was going to get so much heat from her fans but he is taking it in stride. He is not going to apologize either. We all saw him at the Oscars and everything else he does, he doesn’t pull punches. It might be Selena today and somebody else tomorrowChris wants to be funny, and sometimes you offend people with no sense of humor, it is just a part of the job.”

In case you missed Chris’ tweet, he shared a meme of Selena performing on her Revival Tour in a shiny gold bodysuit that read “When you buy your Formation tickets on Craigslist.” As if posting it wasn’t harsh enough, he took it one step further by adding his own caption, “This is true.” So he wasn’t the one to actually make the mean joke about Sel, but telling his 4 million Twitter followers was totally uncalled for!

It certainly seemed like Chris was hating on Selena with his tweet, but apparently that wasn’t the intention. But while we’ve seen Chris lay some pretty harsh jokes on people before, his comparison of Selena and Beyonce was almost unfair. Let’s be honest, they’re both queens in their own way — and can totally pull off glitzy leotards! Regardless of whatever his reason was for sharing the joke, he certainly got some backlash for it!

Selena hasn’t said anything about Chris’ ruthless joke, but her fans sure let Chris know that what he did was completely rude. One Selenator even fired back at Chris by turning his own joke on him: “When nobody will buy your stand up comedy tickets so you come on Twitter to slander someone more successful than you.” Clearly he fueled a fire! If he’s not going to apologize to Selena, Chris may want to think about saying sorry to Selenators — they seem to be capable of ruthless disses too!

Do you think Chris should apologize to Selena, HollywoodLifers? Is it fair for him to compare Selena to Beyonce? Tell us below!

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