Shawn Johnson Reveals The ‘Strict’ Diet Olympic Gymnasts Are Forced To Follow

Tom and Gisele's diet is NOTHING compared to this! Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson told us all about the crazy hard diet that she and her fellow athletes have to stick to, and we've got the scoop (sans ice cream) for you right here. Can you imagine a life without bread or chocolate? Shawn Johnson, 24, told all about what she can and can't eat, and if you've got the nerve, this might just be the next best diet for you to try this summer!

Olympic Athlete Diet
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In a new interview for the podcast, Shawn told us that her sport requires her to maintain a strict diet. “Gymnastics has its own stereotypes and standards and traditions that are just engrained,” Shawn explained. “There is a tradition about what you should and shouldn’t eat. Strict no carbs, only fruit, vegetables, very lean protein. No treats.” Wow, sounds super tough! Of course, it pays off, as Shawn looks incredible and performs equally amazing feats. with Dairy Queen for Hardest Working Happy Hour

Shawn added that gymnasts are often responsible for their diets, and that the team doesn’t get counseling on what to eat. “I wouldn’t say it’s fixed by any means. We don’t have a nutritionist that works with the USA team,” she shared. “It’s aesthetics, it’s what a judge wants to see, so in our mind, it’s like what can I do, what more can I work on or perfect to make sure that judge likes what they’re looking at.” Shawn has used what she’s learned to become a personal trainer who is certified in nutrition. Talk about hard work!

Shawn was also present at the Manhattan DQ Grill & Chill® restaurant in May to launch the Hardest Working Happy Hour, which offers iced coffee and frappés weekdays at participating U.S. locations.

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HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the strict diet that Shawn and other Olympic athletes have to follow? Have you ever tried a diet like that?

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