Kimbo Slice’s Death From Heart Failure — What Could Have Happened — Expert Says

Kimbo Slice died at the shocking age of 42, reportedly due to heart failure. How could such a young man suffer such a fatal attack? An expert EXCLUSIVELY explains to what could have caused Kimbo's death. The short and memorable life of Kimbo Slice, 42, has come to an abrupt end. Just hours after he was rushed to the hospital, he reportedly died from heart failure. As the MMA world waits to find out what exactly killed Kimbo, an expert EXCLUSIVELY tells what could have possibly caused his heart to tap out.

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“Generally speaking, it’s important to understand what heart failure is,” Dr. Nina Radcliff EXCLUSIVELY tells “The muscles of the heart are damaged. The heart is responsible for delivering blood to our bodies. There are a number of different things that can cause [heart failure,] most of the time we hear ‘heart attacks.'”

“But, certain medications – like chemotherapy, illicit drugs such as cocaine,” can lead to heart failure, Dr. Nina Radcliff tells High blood pressure and “faulty [heart] valves are also common causes of heart failure,” she says, adding, “Any condition that can damage the heart muscles can cause heart failure.” Kimbo’s fellow fighter, Kevin Randleman, was only 44 when he also died from this condition.

Kimbo (real named Kevin Ferguson) was rushed from his Coral Springs, Florida home to a hospital on June 6. After his tragic end, Kimbo’s trainer partner, Tyler Cook, claimed that Kimbo’s “heart quit” in a series of Facebook posts. How utterly sad. Kimbo was trying to make a comeback. His last fight took place at Bellator 149 in February. Kimbo defeated Dada 5000, 38, sending his opponent to the hospital with a devastating knockout. Yet, that win was overturned after Kimbo tested positive for a banned steroid.

“We think of the heart as a pump or a dam: There’s water that comes to it, then pumps it out,” Dr. Nina tells “Its purpose is to deliver oxygen and nutrients, and if oxygen doesn’t get delivered to the brain, the cells can die in minutes without proper oxygen.”

Kimbo first broke on the fighting scene in an unconventional way, taking part in unsanctioned street fights that went viral on the Internet. He was signed by Xtreme Combat in 2007 and continued to fight regularly until taking a break in 2010. The MMA world mourned his death, as fighter Colby Covington, 28, said Kimbo was “a true warrior and really nice guy.” Sadly, Kimbo leaves behind a long-time girlfriend and six children.

Our thoughts continue to go out to Kimbo’s family and friends during their time of loss, HollywoodLifers.

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