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Hillary Clinton: Congrats On Becoming The Democratic Presumptive Nominee

Hooray! Another glass ceiling has just been smashed as Hillary Clinton officially surpasses the 2,383 delegates she needs to lead the Democrats against Donald Trump! Hillary Clinton, a giant high-five to you for becoming the first female presidential candidate in the nation's history and hopefully its first female president. Tonight, June 7, you reached the necessary magic number of 2,383 delegates to secure the nomination for the Democratic party.

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Yes, we know that Bernie Sanders isn’t ready to concede yet, but he would need a near miracle to convince well over 500 super delegates to switch their allegiance to his cause even though millions more of Democrats have actually voted for you to be their nominee.

Your victory in securing the nomination is a major victory for all American women. We represent 50.8 percent of the population and yet it’s the first time that we’ll have a female presidential nominee. We still have only 103 female members of Congress out of 535 and 22 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

That needs to change. Women need to have the same opportunities for personal and professional advancement as men. We need to earn 100 cents on the dollar like men do, instead of the current 78 cents. We need to stop men from making decisions about what should be our own personal reproductive health and childbearing choices. In other words, they need to get out of our uteruses. We need to have paid family leave from work after giving birth to our children, as women in every other developed country have. We need better access to affordable childcare, better public education for our children and we desperately need relief from oppressive student debt.

Hillary Clinton understands these things and supports women and young people on these issues. Donald Trump does not. In fact, he’s been loud and proud about calling women “pigs,” “bimbos,” and “dogs,” and he calls breastfeeding “disgusting.” Oh, and he thinks that when women have to go to the bathroom, it’s “disgusting,” too.

Yesterday, June 6, Hillary Clinton enthused that “according to the news, we are on the brink of a historic, unprecedented moment,” when AP declared that she was the presumptive Democratic nominee according to their mathematical calculations. Well, today we’ve crossed that threshold. Now we can celebrate having the first woman officially leading one of the two major parties as its presidential candidate.

Ironically, Hillary, a lifelong feminist, is facing down Donald Trump, a longtime misogynist. There couldn’t be a starker difference between the two. Readers, you face a hugely important choice this coming November, which will affect your life and the life of your family. Will you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Hollywoodlifers, are you thrilled that we have our first official female candidate running for president? Let me know.