Zac Efron: Find Out How You Can Own One Of His Dirty Jock Straps

Oh joy! If you've ever wanted a chance to get up close and personal with Zac Efron's junk, here's the next best thing! The jock strap he wore in 'Dirty Grandpa' is up for auction, so keep reading to see how his privates protector could be all yours! OMG, this is too good to be true! Zac Efron's dirty jock strap has hit the auction block and it's already creating a bidding frenzy. The 28-year-old wore the infamous nude strap with a stuffed hornet over his manhood in the comedy Dirty Grandpa, and now a clever prop house has decided to make some big bucks off of it! Just think, you could be holding on to the little strap that barely cover up that smoking hot bod of his!

Zac Efron Jock Strap
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Prop Store Movie Collectables is auctioning off a bunch of items from Dirty Grandpa, and of course the most epic piece is Zac’s unwashed jock strap, In the movie, he was wearing it after being drugged by his grandpa and accidentally smoking meth, later waking up dazed on a beach wearing nothing but a stuffed hornet jock strap.

The site notes that, “This stuffed hornet undergarment is made of a stuffed cotton blend hornet lined with a nylon cup piece and worn with thin urethane clear straps. The hornet features wired antennae that can be bent into place. A wardrobe tag reading ‘Stunt Jason w/ Hornet’ is included. The item shows minor wear and dirt stains from storage after filming, but remains in good condition.” What?! In other words, it hasn’t been washed since it helped delicately cover up Zac’s junk!

The strap first hit the auction block May 30 and the bidding will go through June 10. The site is asking $300 for it, but so far with 20 bids in the price is sitting at $250. Well hey, that’s a small price to pay to have Zac’s jock strap as your very own. Some fans would probably frame that thing!

HollywoodLifers, how much would you pay to own Zac’s dirty jock strap?

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