Jose Canseco’s Daughter Poses Nearly Naked In Raunchy ‘Playboy’ Photo Shoot

Talk about a body that’s a home run. Josie Canseco, the 19-year-old daughter of MLB legend, Jose Canseco, posed nearly naked in a scorching ‘Playboy’ shoot. Josie’s so hot, she doesn’t have to take it all off to set the pages on fire. Click to see! Jose Canseco, 51, won the World Series with the Oakland A’s, but his daughter, Josie Canseco, just took over Playboy with her A+ body. The 19-year-old model stripped down to next-to-nothing, getting raunchy with an edgy photo shoot!

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Josie decided to hit a grand slam of her own, as the magazine crowned her Miss June 2016, according to the Daily Mail. Though Playboy is no longer all about the nudity, Josie showed that she didn’t have to get naked to get sexy. On one shot, Josie reportedly wears just a pair of white socks. Hot! Plus, she gets pretty wild with just an orange bikini. Wait, orange is the color of Oakland’s bitter rivals, the San Francisco Giants! Scandal!


It seems that Jose just loves walking around without wearing any clothes. The daughter of the 6-time MLB All-Star pulled off a sexy striptease for Mike Stud’s music video for “Anyone Else.” During the video for her boyfriend’s song, Josie danced around in a black G-string, flaunting her bare butt for anyone to see. She even lounges naked in a bathtub! When you’re lounging naked in the bathroom or just scrubbing your tub clean, you can 

However, if you think Josie’s pictorial in Playboy made Jose a proud papa, think again! The Juiced author was reportedly “blindsided” by seeing his baby girl bare her body in the centerfold, according to TMZ. While Jose is willing to spill the tea in his Major League Baseball tell-all, it seems his daughter is good at keeping secrets from her dad.

Josie told Playboy that she “would love to own a dance studio for all ages where [she] can teach kids. After all, seeing my own family happy and healthy is one thing that will always make me happy in return.” How sweet!

Along with dancing and family, one thing that makes Josie happy is partying the night away with stars like Justin Bieber, 22. She and the Biebs hit up the Hollywood nightclub scene in Nov. 2015, having a good time at 1Oak. Wow! Perhaps Justin will be the first one in line to get Josie’s Playboy issue when it drops?

What do you think about Josie posing for Playboy, HollywoodLifers? What do you think about her father being shocked to see her in the magazine?