Lilly Ghalichi’s Beauty Secrets — How To Attain Flawless Locks & More

YAS, Queen! If you’re obsessed with all things beauty, you’re going to want to get in on these beauty secrets. Beat your face for the gawds and get the hair of your dreams with these amazing tips and tricks from our fave glamazon, Lilly Ghalichi. Keep reading for all the juice!

We met up with Lilly Ghalichi, Glamazon/Attorney/Entrepreneur/Reality Star (seriously, she does it all!), and she spilled all of her juicy beauty secrets with us (which we were dying for, since, while doing literally everything, she somehow manages to always be in full-glam)! We talked about everything — from what she has in her purse, to how long it takes her to get into full glam — so you’re going to want to get up in this gig, gurl! Because we’re spilling it all.

What’s In Lilly’s Purse?

Lilly’s from Texas, and of course she likes everything BIG! (Everything’s bigger in Texas, after all.) So she always carries an oversized purse, which helps her fit all of her fave beauty products inside. The items she absolutely must have with her at all times are her laptop and planner (to stay organized), and her go-to beauty products are lip gloss, mascara, powder, and obviously her Lilly Lashes!

Getting Ready With Lilly: Her Fave Beauty Looks & Products

Now, being a glamazon is HARD WORK! You can’t look flawless without putting in a little bit of effort. But how much time does it really take? Lilly Ghalichi told us it can take her and her glam team up to three hours to perfect her look. DANNNNNNG, GURL! But don’t freak out, because she said she usually only needs one hour for a regular day (30 minutes for hair, and 30 minutes for makeup). Phew! We can usually spare an hour.

You’ll usually catch Lilly in full makeup, since she loves being glammed up. Her signature look is a smokey eye. One of her fave products is the Dose of Colors Hidden Treasures Palette, which will give you the perfect bronzy-gold look.

Achieving Lilly’s Flawless Locks

Lilly’s Bellami Hair extension line is amazing — there’s a reason they’re one of Bellami‘s top-selling lines! One of the things Lilly is known for is her thick, voluminous hair, but she revealed to us that her natural hair isn’t actually very thick! Her secret weapon is her Lilly extensions! Again, Lilly is from Texas and she’s Persian, so as she likes to say, “[she] wants [her] hair to walk into the room before [she does].” Seriously, who doesn’t want a thick, luscious mane?! That’s why her extensions are so perfect.

Lilly’s extensions are better than the rest, and what sets them apart from other extension packs is the thickness. They are almost 3 times as thick as most other extension packs! For a day-to-day look, or a simple ponytail, Lilly likes to use one to two wefts; but for an all-out glam look, she’ll use the whole pack. Another great thing about these extensions is that you only need one pack to get even the most dramatic hairstyle.

We’re obsessed with these beauty secrets Lilly shared with us, but what do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do you want to use any of her tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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