‘PranksvsPrank: Jesse Wellens Reveals Name & Age Of Long-Lost Daughter — See Tweets

Wow, this story just keeps getting crazier! Just days after Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith of 'PrankvsPrank' announced they would be taking a break, Jesse revealed he has a long lost daughter... and now he wants help finding her! Find out her name and age, right here. Jesse Wellens, 33, has revealed even more information about his alleged secret daughter on May 23! The PrankvsPrank star enlisted fans to help him find his child who was apparently adopted years ago, and he gave them her name and age to go on. At least, before he thought better of it and deleted all of his tweets! What's going on here?!

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Jesse Wellens Daughter Name
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Jesse posted a long string of tweets on May 22 revealing that he had a long lost daughter that he gave up for adoption years ago, which absolutely shocked fans! On May 23, he decided to use his massive Dope Fresh Nation to find her. He posted her name and age on Twitter, hoping to get some information about where she might be now.

“Her name is Luchia. 13 years old,” was the simple message he shared the day after the big reveal. Fans quickly decided to band together, posting messages of love and support and promising to help him any way they could. However, some worried that being so public with such a personal issue could put his child (or at least, his relationship with her) in danger. Jesse “liked” one of these concerned messaged before deleting all of his tweets pertaining to his daughter.

Originally, people thought it might be a prank. He had tweeted “Ok yes I may have a daughter. We never met and its killing me. It’s a long and crazy story. I need to get off my chest and find her,” which seemed oddly nonchalant, but he became more sincere in the tweets that followed. “I feel like if I sent this energy out into the internet about my daughter, I might actually be able to find her. She was adopted. Family in NYC.” When a fan asked him to confirm it wasn’t a prank, he simply responded “it’s not.”



Perhaps he’s so desperate to reach out to his child because he recently went on a break with his girlfriend of over a decade, Jeana Smith. The duo revealed on May 17 that they would no longer be daily vlogging, and that Jesse was moving to NYC to figure things out. Many speculated he was hooking up with a girl there, but perhaps he was just searching for his child! Sending positive vibes your way, Jesse!

HollywoodLifers – do you think Jesse actually has a secret love child? Could it be a prank? Let us know!

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