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‘Mike & Molly’ Fans Trash ‘Lazy’ Finale For Copying ‘King Of Queens’ — See Tweets

Sure, the 'Mike and Molly' ending make us go 'Aww' at our TVs on Monday night -- but for those of us old enough, it didn't seem like a new idea. At. All. As a matter of fact, nearly nine years ago to the day of the Mike and Molly finale, CBS aired the final episode of The King Of Queens, and for those of us who watched both, we realized something. They ended the exact same way. Well, needless to say, fans are not thrilled about this -- and are actually going on social media bashing the show for repeating an ending we've already seen!

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Mike and Molly Ending
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The King of Queens final episode, titled China Syndrome, aired on May 14, 2007 and wrapped with Carrie (Leah Remini) and Doug (Kevin James) heading to China to receive their baby — only to come home and learn she was actually pregnant. Skip ahead to May 16, 2016, the finale of Mike and Molly. The couple (Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy) received their baby, their adorable son, William Michael Biggs, via adoption… then she found out she was pregnant. Coincidence? Eh.

Needless to say, we’re not the only ones who caught it and now fans are pretty outraged. Here’s some of their tweets:


The finale of Mike and Molly was directed by the legendary James Burrows, and of course, was still great — we can’t say it wasn’t. However, after six seasons of making us LOL with original content, it was tough to see it take the same exact road.

So, were you disappointed by the finale or did you enjoy it? Let us know!