‘Once Upon A Time’: Hook’s Death & 7 More Shocking Season 5 Moments

'Once Upon A Time' season 5 is coming to an end, so we're taking a look back at this season's most shocking moments! The biggest twists and turns are all here! This has been the craziest season of Once Upon A Time yet. From huge deaths to jaw-dropping reveals, the fifth season of OUAT has been downright shocking. Before the finale, let's remember some of the biggest moments of season 5!

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*Hook’s death

Emma was forced to do the most heartbreaking thing by killing her one true love. She stabbed Hook in the chest with Excalibur. It was possibly the most shocking moment in OUAT history. After that, Emma was no longer the Dark One, but she didn’t have Hook anymore.

*Emma becomes the Dark One

Since the beginning of OUAT, Emma has always been the savior. That changed in season 5. She sacrificed herself for Regina and became the Dark One. Despite being all dark and twisty, Emma was so fierce being evil. But, as always, good triumphed over evil.

*Robin’s death

Regina just can’t catch a break. Hades and Zelena arrived in Storybrooke, and Hades wasn’t done wreaking havoc. While his lethal Olympian crystal was meant for Regina, Robin stepped in front of his one true love and took the crystal to the chest.

*Hook returns from the Underworld

After Robin’s devastating death, Hook found his way back to the real Storybrooke. As Emma stood by Hook’s grave, he showed up. Emma was forced to leave him behind in the Underworld in the previous episode, but he never stopped trying to get to Emma. And it paid off!

*Ruby & Dorothy kiss

Ruby was able to wake up Dorothy with one special thing — TRUE LOVE’S KISS! Both Ruby and Dorothy finally found love, and it was magical.

*Neal returns

Before Emma headed to the Underworld, she crossed paths with Neal once again. As we all know, Neal died back in season 3. Neal tried to warn Emma about the Underworld, but she wouldn’t listen. Neal told Emma that he loved her and sent her on her way.

*Belle’s pregnant

This was something we didn’t see coming, but it made Rumbelle shippers rejoice. However, the pregnancy didn’t come without some drama. Belle and Rumple’s baby was initially promised to Hades until Rumple found a way out of the crazy situation.

*Hook kills Merlin

After Hook turned into the Dark One, he went on a rampage. He killed Merlin by ripping out his heart!

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