‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: The Evil Queen Returns After Robin Hood’s Death

Poor Regina. On the May 15 season finale of 'OUAT,' she was still reeling from the death of Robin Hood, which obviously left us wondering if she'd turn evil again. Let's just say the Evil Queen did return, but keep reading to find out how and if she'll stick around for Season 6! We can't believe Season 5 of Once Upon A Time is officially over, but it is. And a lot happened on the May 15 season finale -- Regina (Lana Parrilla) was still reeling from the death of Robin Hood, Gold (Robert Carlyle) tethered all of Storybrooke's magic to Hades' Olympian crystal, and Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) tried to destroy magic once and for all! Did he succeed? Find out!

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Sadly, Regina barely had any time to mourn the loss of Robin because Gold used Hades’ crystal to tether everyone’s magic together in an effort to wake Belle (Emilie de Ravin) up.

Meanwhile, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) wanted to be delicate with revealing the news that Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) was back, in light of Regina’s loss, but her plan went awry when he came running into the diner to see if she and everyone else was alright after the blast.

Later, Henry and Violet escaped to NYC with the crystal in tow (he used the magic of his pen to obtain it), so he could try and destroy magic once and for all. He believes it has brought nothing but pain to those he loves. But once Emma and Regina discovered Henry ran away, they went searching for him — all the way to NYC. Once there, Emma and Regina had a heart-to-heart chat about Robin’s death in Neal’s old apartment. Regina revealed that she’ll forever feel “trapped” because she can’t give in to her evil temptations, but she also has to live with everything she’s done in the past and the consequences they have given her. She also found an old letter Robin had written her from when he was with Zelena. She read it to herself, but it basically said that even if he can’t always be with her, he knows she’ll remain the heroine he fell in love with.

Henry and Violet eventually ventured to the Midtown library, where they discovered a replica of the Holy Grail. The original started magic, so they assumed this one would end it. But not long after they discovered this, they ran into Gold, who knocked them both out and stole the crystal back. Once Emma, Regina, Henry and Violet reunited, they headed to Gold’s hotel room in hopes of stealing the crystal back, but he was one step ahead of them. So Henry used the replica of the Holy Grail and sucked up all the magic, claiming he destroyed it all. But did he?

Hook, David (Josh Dallas), Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Zelena were sent to some far away realm by the way of a mysterious portal. And once they arrived, they were zapped by a mysterious man and put into a cage. Apparently, the man who trapped them hates Gold. A gardener tried helping them by repairing Zelena’s broken wand, in hopes of helping them return home, but once inside the lab, he turned into the evil man, revealing that together they’re Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (It looks like we now know the theme of Season 6.) Mr. Hyde ended up using Zelena’s wand (formerly the Sorcerer’s) to open a portal and summon the tiny box that Belle’s in. Then, he used a potion the doctor created to separate their two entities. Hook, David, Snow and Zelena eventually escaped their cage and tried saving the doctor. Their magic still worked, even though Henry destroyed all the magic in Storybrooke.

Henry felt bad for what he did until he remembered it was his wish with a penny in a fountain that eventually brought Hook back to them in NYC, when he and Emma forgot about their lives in Storybrooke, so he attempted the same thing again and it actually worked. That is, after he got half a block of random city dwellers to throw pennies into a wishing fountain. With their pennies, Hook, David, Snow and Zelena — along with Dr. Jekyll — returned to NYC through the fountain. Gold, however, stayed behind because he was only after Belle, and he wanted to get the box back from Mr. Hyde.

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Snow returned to their world with the same potion Mr. Hyde used and gave it to Regina so she could separate herself from the Evil Queen. Regina injected herself and then ripped out the Evil Queen’s heart and squashed it. Thus, the Evil Queen turned to dust! Once they returned to Storybrooke, Regina untethered all the town’s magic from the crystal, but not long after, Mr. Hyde showed up and revealed that Gold gave him access to their world in exchange for “some information.” So not only is Mr. Hyde now in charge of Storybrooke, but he revealed that darkness isn’t easy to snuff out. And that’s when we see the Evil Queen reappear in NYC, where she rips out the heart of a man who used to be a dragon. And she said, “the Evil Queen is back.” Gulp.

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