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‘The Big Bang Theory’: [SPOILER] Have Sex Before Leonard & Penny’s 2nd Wedding

Whoa! 'The Big Bang Theory's season finale delivered a twist ending like never before. A fan favorite character got frisky with the last person fans would have ever guessed, and it's going to mean big changes in season 10! This is not a joke; don't wait for a Bazinga! The season finale of 'The Big Bang Theory' had fans' jaws dropping to the floor, after Leonard's parents come to town for his second wedding to Penny. But it wasn't Leonard and Penny who ended up in the honeymoon suite!

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The moment that everyone has been waiting for arrived in the form of Judd Hirsh, as Bangers everywhere finally got to meet Leonard’s father, Alfred. After Penny ropes her hubby into a vow renewal ceremony to please his mother after their shot-gun Vegas nuptials, both his folks arrive in Pasadena for the event — along with Sheldon’s mother, Mary. Because why not! It turns out though, Mary hits it off with Alfred big time. Maybe it’s their shared dislike of Beverly, or maybe it’s just that love is in the air, but sparks definitely fly between the two, as the gang goes to dinner the night before the ceremony. After a final blow out with Beverly, Alfred decides to return to his hotel room, and who should join him, but Sheldon’s mother. Later, when their children try to reach them by phone, they find their folks have turned them off — so they can get it on! Yes, Leonard’s father and Sheldon’s mother have SEX!

Now, you know what this means? If they get serious next season, Leonard and Sheldon will actually be brothers! Crazy, right? Penny sure seemed to think so! Her hysterical laughter over the realization that the unlikely couple were doing it was damn right infectious. Needless to say, this is sure going to make Leonard’s second wedding pre-tty awkward. Oh yes, awkward indeed!

Okay, now, last point of order: I don’t know who I have to talk to to get Christine Baranski and Laurie Metcalf their own show as the mothers of Leonard and Sheldon, but if someone else does, please send me the info. This is NECESSARY. They are TV GOLD. And with The Good Wife gone… you know what, let’s not open that wound. I digress.

All right, Hollywoodlifers — what do you think? Was it a satisfying season finale?