Selena Gomez Wants Justin Bieber To Remove His Face Tattoo: ‘Control Your Impulses’

While some love Justin Bieber’s brand new face tattoo, Selena Gomez is so over it. has the EXCLUSIVE scoop that Selly hates her ex’s new ink because it's just another case of him not 'controlling his impulses.' For some Beliebers, the tattoo on Justin Bieber’s, 22, face is a beautiful display of his faith and personal journey. However, for Selena Gomez, 23, the ink on her ex’s face represents everything she dislikes about Justin. Now, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that she wants the tattoo gone from his face!

“Selena is not happy about Justin’s new face tattoo,” a source close to the singer EXCLUSIVELY tells She hates “the placement of the ink” and wants Justin to remove it, the source also adds. However, the main reason the “Same Old Love” singer doesn’t like the tat is that it reminds her of how reckless Biebs can be!

“Selena feels like this is another example of Justin acting impulsively,” the source tells, “which is part of the reason why their relationship has been so rocky over the years. She wishes he could just control his impulses and things would be much easier for both of them.”

Selena is one Belieber who didn’t lose her mind when Justin debuted his new ink. Justin got a small cross on the corner of his right eye. “It represents [Justin’s] journey in finding purpose with God,” the tattoo artists, Jonboy said. While his tattoo is much more subtle than some other celeb facial tattoos, for Selena, any ink on Justin’s face is too much for her.

If Justin needed any more evidence on how “acting impulsively” hurt Selena, he just needs to play her brand new song, “Feel Me.” Selena debuted the track during her first Revival tour concert on May 6 – the same day Justin debuted his tattoo. Hmm.

Selena’s lyrics are full of emotional memories of a failed romance, with her particularly singing about how she “never cheated, never lied” to an ex, but now, “you’re telling you miss me.” Though, while Selena hoped this song would close the book on Jelena, the lyrics reminded her of all the good times she and Justin had. Uh-oh. Well, if she needs a reminder of all the times Justin acted without thinking, she could just look at his face.

What do you think about Selena wanting Justin to ditch the tattoo, HollywoodLifers?

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