‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies To Save Regina

Someone will be six feet under by the end of the May 8 episode of 'Once Upon A Time.' Who will it be? Read our recap now! Once Upon A Time is going to be hit with another tragedy. After Hook sacrificed himself and stayed in the Underworld, the Storybrooke gang will have to say goodbye to another person they love. Will Emma be able to take another devastating blow?!

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Hades was ecstatic to be back in the real world and out of the Underworld. Zelena was still very worried about Regina. She still wasn’t back from the Underworld. Hades didn’t want to show his face in Storybrooke yet. Everyone still thought he was a villain. Talk about shady.

Zelena was either playing him or being stupid in love. She left the baby with him! That’s when King Arthur came running across the bridge. Hades helped King Arthur and introduced him as the “God of Death.” Then King Arthur unwillingly became his minion. Yep, Hades killed King Arthur!

David had a sweet reunion with baby Neal and Snow. Emma was still mourning the loss of Hook. Poor girl. David had to break the news to Snow that Hades and Zelena were now in Storybrooke. Zelena found Robin and Regina. She tried to tell them Hades had changed, but Regina and Robin had a “come to Jesus” meeting with Zelena.

Zelena didn’t believe what her sister was saying. Regina swore Zelena couldn’t trust Hades. But Regina couldn’t convince Zelena that Hades was bad news. Zelena ran away in a fit of rage. Girl, come on.

Knights Of The Underworld

King Arthur ended up in the Underworld. Hook recognized King Arthur and told him that he was technically dead. King Arthur was FURIOUS. He told Hook that Hades killed him. Hook offered him a deal and King Arthur gladly took Hook’s suggestion.

Zelena revealed that Regina had threatened Hades’ life. Hades played Zelena good. He said he would give up everything for her. A lovesick Zelena vowed to protect him. She was totally Team Hades. Hades was also ready to use the Olympian crystal that belonged to Zeus on Regina & Co. Actually, he was just itching to use it. This won’t end well.

The gang didn’t exactly have a plan to defeat Hades. Regina and Robin’s first order of business was to get Robin’s daughter back. Emma wanted to go with them, but Regina said she was “too emotional.” While Robin and Regina went through the secret tunnel, Robin got pissed at Regina for sort of defending Zelena.

Robin didn’t stay mad at Regina for long. She was his “future.” Aw! #OutlawQueen forever! They shared a sweet kiss before moving on to save his daughter. I have a bad feeling about this.

Killing Hades

Rumple paid Belle’s father a little visit. He needed Belle’s father to wake her up with true love’s kiss. Belle’s dad didn’t want to wake Belle up until Rumple was gone for good. Rumple was busy threatening Belle’s father when Emma showed up. She was looking for a way to defeat Hades.

Over in the Underworld, Hook and King Arthur went searching for the pages of Hades in the storybook. Those pages would reveal his weakness. Hook needed to find some way to help Emma while in the Underworld. He couldn’t move on while she was still in danger. King Arthur found the pages, and they revealed how to kill Hades!

Hook needed to get the pages to Emma, and Cruella knew how to make it happen. However, she revealed that she had destroyed the phone booth, but there was the storybook she had thrown in the River of Lost Souls. Hook had to get his hands on that book!

David and Snow were really worried about Emma. She wasn’t grieving the loss of Hook. Emma broke down in front of her parents. She promised wasn’t looking for revenge. David and Snow told her they needed to defeat Hades for Hook.

Rumple called up Hades and was willing to make a deal. He offered his protection in exchange for a piece of the Olympian crystal. Hades didn’t take Rumple’s offer, so now he was on his own.

RIP #OutlawQueen

Hook and King Arthur traveled through the River of Lost Souls to find the storybook. While Hook went to retrieve the book, one of the lost souls grabbed Arthur. Hook saved him and killed the evil soul. On his second try, another lost soul went after the book. Before it fell into the River of Lost Souls, Hook was able to grab it. With the new pages intact, Hook was able to help Emma from beyond. The key to defeating Hades was the Olympian crystal!

Robin and Regina infiltrated the Town Hall to get his daughter. Emma was outside trying to break the protection spell. Zelena showed up and attacked Emma. Hades found Regina and Robin ready to take the baby. Hades went after Regina, but Robin stepped in front of her! Poor Robin fell dead at her feet. I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be apart long,” Hades said. Before he could kill Regina, Zelena returned. She finally realized that Hades was the worst. Hades revealed that he trapped Regina & Co. in the Underworld — for her. Zelena grabbed the crystal, and Hades begged her to end Regina. But Zelena’s love for her sister triumphed. Zelena killed HADES! Now both sisters had lost the men they loved.

After getting the storybook to Emma and helping to defeat Hades, Hook was able to move on. King Arthur stayed behind to restore the Underworld. When Hook walked into the light, he was met by Zeus. Hook continued walking on.

When One Life Ends, Another Begins Again

Emma visited Hook’s grave and left a flask on top of it. Emma fell apart right then and there. “I miss you,” she cried. Over in another part of the cemetery was Robin’s funeral. His friends and family laid arrows on his coffin. Regina’s face was strong and resolute. She was the last one to place an arrow on his grave. Zelena stood by Regina’s side with the baby. Zelena finally decided on a name for the baby — ROBIN.

Emma wanted to say goodbye to Robin alone. Suddenly, Hook showed up! Zeus gave him a second chance for defeating Hades! Emma and Hook’s reunion was pretty epic. #CaptainSwan lives! While the rest of Storybrooke was mourning, Rumple went and grabbed the last of the Olympian crystal in Hades’ ashes!

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