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Jennifer Morrison Totally Ships ‘OUAT’s Hook & Emma: They Are ‘True Love’

She's a Captain Swan shipper! Jennifer Morrison stopped by HollywoodLife's podcast and revealed that she thinks Hook and Emma are the epitome of 'true love.' But does she think they'll get a happy ending? Click to LISTEN! Hook and Emma's relationship is one of the most beloved on Once Upon A Time. Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma, loves Captain Swan just as much as the fans. She came by HollywoodLife's podcast to discuss Hook and Emma's "true love" and more! Plus, she reveals what she really thinks of Colin O'Donoghue, 35, and her struggle with migraines. Check out more OUAT scoop now!

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Ever since Hook and Emma first shared a scene, fans have wanted them together. We asked Jennifer if she thinks Hook and Emma will have a happy ending. “I hope so,” she told us. “I, as an audience member, hope so.”

On Once Upon A Time, it’s all about true love. Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen Emma and Hook’s relationship evolve to that. “I do feel like they really are true love, and they are going to do whatever it takes to fight to be together,” Jennifer revealed. “I think that’s also an interesting thing to do on television. A lot of times TV keeps characters apart that are in love. Physically, they kept us apart. But for most of season 5 we do spend the time admitting that we’re a couple. It’s not that they had a falling out with each other. I think that ultimately as the story continues, it’s going to be important to see Emma’s happy ending. Emma is sort of, she is the new fairytale, she’s Eddy and Adam’s creation, so I think ultimately we’re on a journey to figure out what her happy ending looks like.”

There’s nothing but love between Jen and her co-star Colin. She gushed about him on our podcast. “I think they just cast the best actor,” she said. “When he came on, the first day, we knew we had chemistry. We knew we got along, we knew he fit in with the cast, and he looks great with eyeliner.”

Jennifer has been on the show since the pilot, and she works long hours to film all the episodes in a season. Unfortunately, when she was working on OUAT, she started having migraines. She revealed that when they first started happening, it was “terrifying” for her. She’s now working with MoreToMigraine.com to help others who suffer from migraines.

“If I had known about a resource like that [MoreToMigraine.com], it would have helped me skip the concern and the panic and the fear of not really understanding what was happening because of course you hear about migraines and you identify the pain with the migraine, but you don’t necessarily know about the other symptoms.”

The website offers pivotal information for anyone looking to learn more about migraines. “MoreToMigraine.com is a website that is a portal for people to go and get information,” she told us. “You can find out about different symptoms, how migraines present themselves and a ton of research and information about it, so when you do go meet with your doctor you will be more aware of the things you should bring up, the questions you should ask. Then you can work with your doctor to find the best treatment plan for your particular migraines.”

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