Beyonce & Jay Z: Did She Make Him Sign A New Post-Nup With No Cheating Clause?

Even though Jay Z hasn't publicly been proven as a cheater, Beyonce may have outed him on her new album, 'Lemonade.' But before doing that, she may have also made Jay promise in writing that he won't be unfaithful. Get the EXCLUSIVE details right here! Jay Z, 46, won't be getting away with cheating anymore! His marriage to Beyonce, 34, has reportedly been rocky in recent years because of his alleged infidelity. So Beyonce apparently took matters into her own hands and figured out a way to guarantee that her hubby would never sneak around behind her back again -- and no, we're not talking about Lemonade!

“Jay Z really thought he was going to lose Beyonce. She did leave him and got her own place for a while, but he managed to win her back with a lot of begging a lot of promises,” a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “She knows money talks when it comes to Jay and the word is she made him sign a whole new pre-nup (post-nup) when she agreed to take him back. Supposedly there’s a cheating clause in it that gives her more than half his fortune, he’ll be left with practically nothing if she catches him cheating and decides to divorce him, if that doesn’t make him keep his pants on nothing will.”

Whoa, Beyonce is not messing around! Just by listening to her telling lyrics about a cheating man on Lemonade tracks “Pray You Catch Me” and “Sorry” — which exposed the now infamous “Becky with the good hair” — it’s easy to see that Beyonce is not the right woman to cheat on. And if Jay crosses the line again, it sounds like he’ll have to deal with much more than her wrath in song! Listen to Beyonce’s new album right here!

While the cheating drama is totally in the public eye now thanks to Lemonade, though, our source tells us that Jay Z has actually been on great behavior for the past two years. But that doesn’t mean that Bey isn’t cautious! “She can’t watch him all the time but there’s very little he can get away with,” the insider added.

In fact, Jay is very aware of this, and another source revealed that he’s not leaving Beyonce’s sight and is even waiting on his wife hand and foot to “smooth things over”! It seems like Jay is really taking this cheating clause to heart — and if he slips up, we’ll likely be hearing about it on Bey’s next album!

What do you think of Beyonce’s “no cheating” clause, HollywoodLifers? Do you think it’ll keep Jay Z from being unfaithful? Tell us below!

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