Beau Mirchoff On ‘Awkward’ Directorial Debut: My Co-Stars Were ‘Extremely Helpful’

Congrats are in order for 'Awkward's own Matty McKibben! Actor Beau Mirchoff directed the April 26 episode, and told EXCLUSIVELY all about his exciting debut. Beau Mirchoff, 27, can add a new notch to his belt -- and line on his resume -- now that he's grabbed the reigns and directed for the very first time. Although he's used to being in front of the camera as Awkward's Matty McKibben, the hunky actor was put in charge of his longtime co-stars to put their April 26 episode together. So exciting!

Beau Mirchoff Directed Awkward
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It might be the last season of Awkward, but Beau Mirchoff is using the series as a stepping stone into the world of directing. Beau asked the Awkward show runners for the chance to direct, he told EXCLUSIVELY, after receiving advice from their Unit Production Manager. Obviously, they said yes, and now Beau’s the man behind the April 26 episode!

“I had a lot of fun with it,” Beau told EXCLUSIVELY about putting on his director hat for the very first time. And as for getting to boss around his co-stars a little bit? “I tried a couple times to hone in my Werner Herzog, but there’s only so much yelling a man can do,” Beau joked, referring to the well-known German film director.

“Joking aside, everyone was great and extremely helpful!” Beau added, praising his incredible co-stars for working with him instead of against him. Lucky for Beau, none of the cast tried to prank him while he was directing. Phew!

However, Beau also shared that “it wasn’t easy” to juggle directing and acting while filming the April 26 episode of Awkward. “A couple times I found myself watching my scene partner with my director brain instead of being in the scene with them… which isn’t good! There was a bit of a learning curve for sure,” Beau explained.

Awkward is only the beginning for Beau, though. He told EXCLUSIVELY that he plans to direct again. ” have a couple things I’ve written that I want to do. They’re dark comedies,” he shared. We can’t wait to see what he’s got up his sleeve in the future!

Make sure you tune into Beau’s directorial debut when Awkward airs on Tuesday night, April 26 at 10/9c. Until then, be sure to follow Beau on Twitter @Beau_Mirchoff!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are YOU excited to see Beau’s directorial debut on the April 26 episode of Awkward? What are YOU going to miss most about the show once it’s over? Comment below with your thoughts.

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