‘Lemonade’ — Beyonce’s Beauty: Braids, Curls & More Gorgeous Hairstyles

Lemonade Beyonce Beauty
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of HBO

Beyonce rocked over 20 hair and makeup looks during her ‘Lemonade’ visual album special, which aired on April 23 on HBO. See all her beauty looks below!

Beyonce‘s visual album Lemonade caused quite the stir on April 23 as she all but admitted that her husband Jay Z cheated on her. She proved looking good is the best revenge by showing off her gorgeous hair and makeup looks along with stunning fashion choices during the special.

Beyonce slays. all. day. She rocked so many amazing hair and makeup looks during Lemonade, we could barely keep up with all the fierceness.

Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John Instagrammed her tribal glam, where she’s rocking braided pigtails and white paint on her face, and wrote: “So proud of team #Lemonade!
❤️ you @beyonce.  Tribal Glam 🐝”

Lemonade: Beyonce’s Beauty — Hair & Makeup Looks In HBO Special

Bey rocked a bunch of braided looks. In addition to her tribal pigtails, she also rocked cornrows in a few sections of the special. At one point, her braids were wrapped up into what looked like a bee hive on top of her head. Maybe a nod to her “beyhive” fan base? Listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade now.

When she’s wearing this gorgeous yellow dress, her hair is in long, volumized curls. She’s twirling and dancing through the street, playing in water from a fire hydrant, as she demolishes her ex’s car with a baseball bat. She looks amazing with her long curls and purple smokey eye. She’s also rocking a red hot mani in this scene.

In “Forgiveness,” we see a more low-key version of Bey with Jay. Her hair and makeup are gorgeous and casual. Her curls are in perfect ringlets and her face looks dewy and flawless. It truly looks like a normal day at home with the famous couple.

Click through our photo gallery and tell me your favorite hair and makeup look from the visual album below!

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