Blue Ivy & Jay Z Play On Super Bowl Field In Adorable Video From ‘Lemonade’ — Watch

Aww! Beyonce gave fans a glimpse into her personal life in her 'Lemonade' HBO special, including some sweet footage of Jay Z and Blue Ivy playing football. Watch the precious moment here! How cute is this? Beyonce's fans may not be so fond of Jay Z after hearing some of the lyrics on Bey's new album Lemonade that allude to his alleged affair with Rachel Roy, but it's hard not to love one of the home videos featured in the hour-long HBO special. Jay plays football with Blue Ivy Carter on the same field where Beyonce performed her 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, and we have to admit -- it's nothing but adorable!

Blue Ivy Jay Z Play Football
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of HBO

With the empty Mercedes-Benz Superdome to themselves, Blue and Jay appear to be having a ball (literally) while goofing around on the field. The sweet clip shows them chasing each other around and throwing the ball back and forth before collapsing on the ground with glee. Although it’s unclear exactly when the video was taken, Jay Z and Blue happened to be playing on the very field that momma Bey caused a power outage during her Super Bowl halftime performance in 2013. Needless to say, Blue and Jay’s little football game was one to be remembered!

Along with the sweet football video, Lemonade shared some more pretty private vids with Bey’s fans. The visual album showed some clips from Blue’s third birthday party, Beyonce’s pregnancy, and a shot of Blue joyfully running around Bey’s hotel room. As if those vids aren’t amazing enough, perhaps the most personal video of them all was the never-before-seen footage from Bey and Jay’s wedding!

Ironically, though, the happy videos in the Lemonade special weren’t a true reflection of the lyrics from Beyonce’s Lemonade album. In fact, they are practically opposite! Beyonce totally called out Jay Z for reportedly cheating on her in some of the tracks, also taking shots at his alleged mistress, Rachel Roy. So while fans were enjoying the sneak peek look into Beyonce’s family life, Rachel was getting attacked by the Beyhive for messing around with Bey’s man!

But even with the drama and controversy Beyonce sparked with her new album, she seemingly has forgiven Jay Z and declared so in a song called “Forgiveness.” Besides, why would she have wanted to share such intimate family and couple moments with the world if there was still drama going on at home?

To see all of Lemonade, including the sweet video of Jay Z playing football with Blue Ivy, click here.

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