Selena Gomez Confident Justin Bieber Will ‘Always’ Pick Her Over Other Women

Selena Gomez is NOT backing down! The songstress knows that her and Justin Bieber are meant to be together -- despite his recent flings and hookups. So much so, that she's made quite a bold declaration, announcing that Justin will 'always' choose her in the end. Back off ladies! Selena Gomez, 23, has her heart set on her on/off boyfriend, Justin Bieber, 22, and, according to a new report, she believes Justin feels the same about her. Sel is actually SO confident about her and Justin's connection, that she's hardly even worried about other women who may try and get between them. Looks like the singer is a true believer in fate!

Selena Gomez Confident Justin Bieber Will Pick Her
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“Selena knows Justin will always pick her in the end,” a source from Life & Style revealed. And while Selena is putting on a strong front, and most likely truly believes Justin is her soulmate, she DOES have some reason to be skeptical. After all, Justin promised Selena he was going to end his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, 36, and has yet to follow through on his word — even though he’s allegedly been hooking up with Selly too. To hear more about Justin and Selena, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

“He told Selena she needed to be patient,” the source claimed. And apparently that’s exactly what the “Hands to Myself” singer plans to do. She REALLY believes Justin will come back to her when he’s ready, and for now, she’s reportedly just waiting for that time to come — it’s no secret she’ll most likely be waiting with open arms!

Selena and Justin have even allegedly been texting for weeks. And, as we previously told you, Selena showed up to his March 23 concert, even having a mysterious meeting with him in his dressing room afterwards. Clearly the two are up to SOMETHING. I mean, they are each other’s first loves, a connection like that is hard to break! And that’s exactly why Selena believes she’ll be the one Justin ultimately chooses.

But until that day, she still has to compete with Kourtney. The two are supposedly in an all-out war with one another, according to Life & Style‘s report. “She sees Kourtney as a threat, but she and Justin have so much history between them,” the source said. And although history doesn’t always trump EVERYTHING, Selena definitely is staying strong in her belief that Justin’s love for her will overcome any obstacle — even a Kardashian!

But don’t hold your breath, Jalena fans. It doesn’t look like the two will be getting back together OFFICIALLY any time soon. Justin even reportedly ignored poor Selly at the the iHeartRadio Awards on April 3. Yikes! “They keep playing mind games with each other because they both want to wear the pants when it comes to a relationship,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY. Well, if it’s really fate, they’ll end up together eventually…right?

What do you think about Selena’s confidence, HollywoodLifers? Do YOU think she and Justin will end up together?

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