Leah Messer Says Daughter Was Being Dramatic Over Not Eating — Here’s Why She’s Wrong

On the season premiere of 'Teen Mom 2', Leah Messer was hands down a walking disaster. Not only did she refuse to feed her children, but she also didn't bother to properly clothe them to the point where one cried about how cold she was. Then Leah speeds down a highway texting and driving with three young kids in the car. It was brutal to watch the March 21 episode of Teen Mom 2 and not want to scream. Leah Messer, 23, who has had her fair share of issues, is back in the media again and it isn't for being mother of the year. This time it's for NOT FEEDING her children and texting while driving.

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Leah Messer Bad Mom
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So, where do I begin with saying just how WRONG this all is?! As soon as the season premiere episode began, we see Leah struggling to wake up in order to get her twin daughters Aleeah and Ali to school on time. When her daughters ask about getting their lunch packed, she tells them that she forgot to buy groceries. So, when they ask to eat breakfast, she tells them that if she has to wake up early to get them to school, don’t expect her to cook them a meal prior. Yes, you read that correctly. She flat out tells her two 6-year-old daughters that “I’m not cooking breakfast when I already have to get up at 5 o’clock.”

Are you kidding me? First off Leah, there’s a thing called BEDTIME. If you can not muster up the energy to wake up early enough to prep a bowl of cereal for your children, you should not have them during the school week. There is literally no excuse for you in this situation. It’s downright cruel and malicious. I understand your kids may not want to gobble down breakfast that early, well then pack them something for the car ride! Your daughter Aleeah cried and told you, “I don’t trust you. Take me back home. You’re always worried about everything else, except for going to pick us up and giving us lunch.” She then said to you, “I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat. You never get us up for breakfast.” Your response? Instead of being mature and taking the blame for anything (which you never do), you took to Twitter on March 22 to say that her daughter was being a “drama queen.”

The next thing is, how do you let your three young children leave the house at the crack of dawn not dressed properly? Your poor daughter cried her eyes out in the backseat because she was freezing cold. Then we had to sit back and watch you endanger all three of your innocent children’s lives, because you think it’s okay to stare at your phone texting while driving down the highway! Are you kidding me? In a split second you could have taken four lives in that car. That is one of the most selfish things any person could do.And after this incident, you admitted to being so tired while driving the girls to school, that you couldn’t even keep your eyes open!  When she was asked about the texting and driving, her response was even more infuriating.

Keep in mind everyone, this episode was filmed last fall, before Corey Simms won primary custody of their twin daughters. Then Leah was able to fight that case and was awarded shared custody of the girls in January. How wonderful (sarcasm).

HollywoodLifers — do you think that this is OK or extremely unacceptable? Should Leah continue to have 50/50 custody with Corey? Tell us below!