Justin Bieber Proclaims He’s ‘Bigger Than Satan’: Is It Too Much?

Justin Bieber isn't above (or below) praising himself to the highest degree! The 'What Do You Mean' superstar fancies himself bigger than the Prince of Darkness, at least if you believe his tee! That's QUITE the statement, isn't it? It appeared at his concert in Vancouver on March 11 that Justin Bieber, 22, had something very important to tell the audience: he's bigger than Satan himself! Wait, hold on a minute. Satan? There's no doubt that Justin's one of the biggest stars in the entire world, but is he also ruler of the underworld?

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Justin had to know that he was going to spark some serious controversy wearing this tee. That actually might be why he wore it, because we’re having a hard time believing the openly Christian singer really wants to compare himself to the devil! Justin’s muscle tee is printed with “Bigger than Satan” in angry red block letters on the back, with “Bieber” written underneath. The quote, first said by death rocker Marilyn Manson, has a huge picture of the singer on the front.[jwplatform IqS6yAWT]
Who knew Justin was such a big Marilyn fan? The controversial quote is a play on something that John Lennon said in a 1968 interview: The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Obviously, that ruffled some feathers. But you know what? We’re all still quoting it nearly 50 years later!

While Justin’s shirt is all Marilyn, maybe he’s paying homage to John in his own way. This isn’t the first time that he’s equated himself to the late singer, after all. Justin’s song “No Pressure” features a verse about missing his true love, his own Yoko Ono: “In the bed together but we sleepin’ solo/Hectic, drive you loco/You supposed to me my uno, Yoko.” It was widely speculated that those lyrics were about one Selena Gomez, 23! Is she also the Dita von Teese to his Marilyn?

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